Zombie Costumes

Let’s put the fright back in Halloween night with a terrifying life-like (or unlife-like) zombie costume. Always a hit at any party, and a popular costume year in and year out, a freaky living dead outfit can be done any number of ways, with masks or makeup, wigs or your own hair gone wild.

Good zombie gear starts off with some tattered clothing, whether store bought or your own totally distressed. Remember, you’ve been roaming the earth feeding on brains for years, decades, centuries, maybe – and your shoes have probably taken a beating.

Some pre-made zombie costumes are ripped up to reveal gory body parts and glow-in-the-dark bones.

Look for lots and lots of layers to float around you in a ghostly manner when you move.

If you’re going to be a DIY sorta zombie, thrift stores might be a good place to seek out the right ensemble to destroy.

Clothes can be shredded with scissors and Exacto blades, aged with baby powder, brewed tea (for discoloration) or dragged through the mud!

Scuff denim and leather with steel wool pads and sandpaper. Tattered top hats or fedoras can add a nice touch. Beat-up gloves will make for undead hands as well.

Finish off any zombie costume with either a cape or a coat shredded for added dramatic effect.

For those of you who are somewhat artistically inclined, zombie makeup will be a really fun challenge.

Start off with a grey or greenish makeup base for all over the face, and add detail and contour with deeper greens, gray, or black colors, paying special attention to hollowing out the eyes and cheekbones.

Add a little glow-in-the-dark or black light sensitive accent and highlight for added party oomph. Black lipstick and pointy zombie teeth that can be popped in and molded to your real teeth add a final, harrowing touch.

For more advanced makeup gurus, the additional use of prosthetics or faux scarring makeup can be a ghoulish touch. Add a little fake blood around the mouth from all that brain eating.

Less makeup savvy undead wannabes will find tons of scary, creepy masks that are freaky enough to make Michael Myers shudder.

Some masks cover the full head and include a wig of stringy, dirty-looking zombie hair. If you’re doing your own makeup, you can purchase wigs separately, or dread and rat your own hair for one night only.

Some fantastic dirtying hair products exist for faking raggedy ‘dos, just experiment and know that it will all wash out in the morning!

Zombies make for great halloween costumes

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