Causes Of Your Cystic Acne

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Are you Making Your Cystic Acne Worse?

Here are four things that can make your cystic acne worse. On a daily basis we are inundated with advertising that claims to rid us from acne, but many people still do not understand the simple things that they can do to prevent their acne from getting worse.

In this article we will explain four things that can work to make your acne worse. By knowing what causes acne, you will be able to take the initial steps required for preventing and improving your cystic acne situation.

  1. Messing with Your Face
    Many people know that messing with their face is a bad idea yet still they try it in the hope that they will get rid of the worst of their cystic acne. This clearly is a bad idea and can be very detrimental to treating cystic acne.

    All messing (touching, scratching, popping and disturbing your acne on a frequent basis) does is work to aggravate and spread it thus making your situation worse. The good news is that if you can control your hands, you can control their movements so stop messing.

  2. Too Lazy to Clean
    If you want to have clear skin, you need to stop being lazy and clean your body and face on a regular basis. Your body needs constant care and treatment in order to keep it healthy and fresh.

    Many acne sufferers become afraid of water simply because they have acne on their face don't let this be you! Bathe regularly and use natural soaps and shampoos. Wash your face regularly too with an oily face wash treatment and moisturizer. Not only will it help your acne problems but it will improve the condition of your skin too.

  3. Indulging in Bad Foods
    We say indulge because many people eat unhealthy food on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that foods that are high in fat and oils are no good for your acne. If you really want to improve your cystic acne situation, start eating foods that are fresh and healthy for your body. Cleaner foods work to nourish your skin and if you have to have some oil on your food make it Olive Oil it's a much healthier alternative and a perfect addition to salad.

  4. Not Sleeping Properly
    It is a well known fact that having a good night's sleep, helps kick start the restoration process of your body. Whilst not sleeping properly on its own will not cause acne, it is fair to say that it can make it worse.

    People who get the full eight hours of sleep they need each night let their bodies take the time to strengthen their immune systems and repair the damage from their daily activities thus when you sleep your acne healing process speeds up. A lack of sleep is also proven to make people crave junk food and as we know from above this can make acne worse as too much sugar is bad for the skin.

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Published June 9, 2011

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