Your Best Lipstick Colors

Choosing your best lipstick when you are a mature women or over forty is not really that difficult as long as you know the personality, activities, and personal preferences of the person.

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If you are choosing the lipstick for yourself, it would be a lot easier. There may be a wide range of lipstick types to choose from and this collection can easily overwhelm inexperienced women.

However, if you stick to the 3 factors that will help you choose, finding your best lipstick for you (or for someone you love) can be fun. Here are the four main types of lipsticks to choose from. A few tips have been discussed to help you decide.

We have also included "The Ones to Avoid" to help you know which lipstick type will not work for you or for the occasion where you plan to wear it. With these tips, choosing your best lipstick will surely be a breeze.

3 Lipstick TYpes To Consider

1. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is often used by the career woman because it evokes a sense of clarity, direction, and professionalism.

Choose Matte Lipstick

Evidence of this can be seen in movies where the female protagonist who works at an office regularly wears matte lipstick to appear suave and very professional. If you want a sophisticated, intelligent, and mature-but-sexy look, matte lipstick is for you.

2. Shine or Gloss Lipstick

A festive occasion would not work if the colors or themes were not vibrant and shimmering. Of course, birthday parties for kids will not be fun if the color theme is red and black.

Choose Shine Or Gloss Lipstick

The same principle goes with wearing shine or gloss lipstick. If you plan to attend an occasion where everything is glitzy and bright, shine or gloss lipstick is best for you.

Match the lipstick to a shimmery dress and you will definitely be a smasher, even if there are younger women about.

The Perfect Lip Color

3. The "New" Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Long-lasting lipstick is causing a market craze these days because, admittedly, women would love to touch up as little as they can.

The New Long Lasting Lipsticks

If you are a busy body or you are just too active to keep your lip color in its pristine, newly-applied condition, the new long-lasting lipstick variety is best for you.

Lipstick Colors To Avoid

  1. Never use lipstick that is not proven to be lead-free if you do not want to get poisoned (yes, such lipsticks exist).
  2. Never touch up your lip color by reapplying lipstick without removing the remnants of your previous application.
  3. Of course, when choosing lipstick colors, pick ones that complement your skin, eye color, or outfit.
wrong lipstick color choice

Never sport violet or dark purple lip colors just because you feel like it! Remember that your best lipstick is something that makes you feel good. Regardless of your age, the best lipstick for mature women will surely help you feel as youthful and beautiful as ever.

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