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We all want younger looking hair, one of the main noticeable things about a person is her hair, so keeping it looking healthy and young is important if you want to radiate with self-confidence.

If you're aware of the fact that your hair has lost its flare over the years, you should invest a bit of time in restoring your hair's former glory.

youthful hair with highlights

Four Tips For Younger Looking Hair

Whether we're talking about a major makeover or a bit of additional shine, your hair is totally worth the effort so keep reading to find out what you need to do to acquire younger looking hair.

Go For A Longer Length

Some women abide to the rule that if they have reached the age of 40, they should give up wearing their hair long and opt for a shorter cut instead. This is an outdated point of view, so erase any misconceptions regarding your hair and be prepared to embrace a longer hair length.

If you decide to let your hair grow, you need to keep in mind that as long as it is properly cut, hair can look youthful even at an older age. The key to acquiring a young appearance is to change your hairdo by adding some layering to frame your face beautifully and add some lift.

Longer hair that lacks texture and layering is not flattering for mature women. Don't keep your hair bluntly short just to avoid hairstyle mistakes because very short haircuts look to harsh on aging women and enhance exactly what they want to conceal.

This is the time to invest in getting a proper hairdo done by a professional, but before heading out to the hair salon, take your time browsing through our many hairstyle galleries to get an idea on the available hairstyles for longer hair. If you are particularly fond of one hairstyle or two, take the pictures with you when you go to have your hair cut and styled.

Add Youthful Highlights

mature women chin length bob with highlights

Our model features a beautiful blonde chin length bob with soft highlights for a year round sun kissed look

Mature women are advised by beauty experts to lighten up their hair as really dark colored hair can make them look older than they really are. Don't be concerned if you don't want to dye your hair completely into another color as you have another option that will make you look fabulous: highlights.

Highlights can provide a luminous, more youthful aspect to your hair without major changes as the best highlights are subtle, in a shade that is one or two levels lighter than your natural hair color.

Try New Trendy Hairstyles

Do you want to try on a few new hairstyles to decide which one is right for you? The Internet is full of virtual makeover sites that allow women to experiment with various hairstyles and colors by simply uploading their photo and clicking on the options that look the most appealing to them.

Spending some fun time trying different virtual hairdos will help you find hairstyles that you may not have considered otherwise. In the end, make prints of the pictures you like best and take them with you to the hairdresser.

Go Easy On The Styling Products

Many older women make the mistake of over-styling their hair by curling it tightly or having a perm done and keeping it in place with a heavy coating of powerful hairspray. The most youthful hair is one that looks natural and has movement, so allow your hair's true beauty to shine through by avoiding the heavy products.

To have fabulous looking hair regardless of age you need to keep it well hydrated so don't forget to apply conditioner regularly to maintain the soft and smooth aspect of your hair. It is also recommended to have a deep conditioning treatment a few times a month to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 3, 2015

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