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Yellow Toe Nails

Yellow toe nails are actually one of the most common ailments that can occur and affect the health and/or appearance of your toenails.

Do Your Nails Have A Yellow Tinge?

Should you notice that one or more of your toenails looks to be yellow in color, you shouldn't become alarmed. There are various reasons for your toenails to become yellowed, and some are quite harmless.

For example, if you commonly wear nail polish on your toenails, they may become discolored and stained from the polish.

If this is the cause of the yellow toe nails color, then you only have to wait until the nail grows out for it to go back to its normal, healthy color.

Anyone who has lymphedema, which is also referred to as a chronic swelling of the leg, or diabetes mellitus may notice that these have caused their nails to become yellow.

You should be aware, however, that in many cases, yellowe toenails can be a sign of something bigger

toe-nails-fungus-infectionA fungus infection is the condition what most commonly causes your toenail discoloration.

When various types of fungus thrive, they create colored pigments, such as Penicillin, which in turn cause your nails to turn yellow, brown, or even green.

If you find that your nails are turning or have already turned yellow in color, and you feel as if a fungal infection could be the reason, then you should consult with a doctor to determine the severity of the problem, and also how to treat it.

It should be known that yellow toe nails that have taken on a yellow hue don't necessarily do so in a uniform way. You may find that only one of your nails is affected, or that only part of the nail has taken on a yellow tinge.

If it is an infection that has caused your toenail's discoloration, it should be treated immediately to ensure that it will not spread to the entire nail and eventually infect your nail's root.

Yellow toe nails are easier to treat if the offending infection hasn't yet affected the lunula, which is the crescent-shaped, whitish area that is located near your nail's cuticle.

When treating yellow toenails, there are several options to consider. Some doctors may offer a medication that is to be taken orally. However, these drugs must often be taken for several months, or even a year, are very expensive, and can have side effects that are rather unpleasant.

healthy toenailsAnother option to treat yellowed toenails is the use of a topical medication.

This type of medication, however, is only recommended for use on nails where the yellow color has not yet affected the lunula.

Lastly, you can try using natural remedies to treat yor yellow toenails, which are known for their wonderful results because they work best at penetrating the nail and killing the offending fungus.

Yellow toe nails may be unsightly, but with proper treatment, can look healthy again in no time.


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