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Womens stylish dressing starts with classic basic pieces. Do you have a closet filled with clothing but still have nothing to wear? Having a closet jam packed with clothes isn’t always the answer to looking stylish. In fact, having too much clothing can confuse the picture, making it difficult for you to find anything to wear.

Maybe it’s time to do a closet re-evaluation and build a wardrobe around fewer pieces of clothing.

Sometimes less really is more. Here’s how to look stylish with less clothing in your closet.

Dress A Little More Stylish

How Too Look Stylish With Less Clothing

Establish a baseline color scheme. Does your closet look like a rainbow? If you’ve filled your closet with items of every shade imaginable, you may have putting together outfits.

Chances are you don’t look good in all those colors anyway. womens stylish dressing starts with less clothing, you need to establish a single color to serve as the anchor for your wardrobe. It’s best to select a neutral shade such as navy, black, brown, grey, or cream since these colors are easily adapted to a variety of looks.

Choose the one that looks best on you. To find out which color looks best, pay a visit to your local fabric store. Hold bolts of fabric up to your face and see which colors cause your eyes and facial features to “pop”.

Stylish Mature Women

That’s the color you should build your wardrobe around. For future purchases, you’ll want to buy basic items that conform to this color scheme. This will make your fashion life simpler.

Choose classic, simple pieces. If you want less clothing in your closet, choose simple classic knit tops, blouses, and well tailored pants and skirts.

Spend a little extra money to purchase pieces that will keep their beauty despite numerous trips to the dry cleaners. Choose basic colors that will coordinate with the color scheme you’ve established. For example, if you choose your baseline color as gray, buy coordinating pieces in black and cream.

Stay away from prints and clothing with fussy details that you’ll grow tired of wearing after a few times. With a basic color scheme and simple pieces, you can mix and match almost anything in your wardrobe.

Adding Detail Is A Must

Add detail with well chosen accessories. To add color or detail to your basic wardrobe color scheme, do it by wearing interesting accessories.

An elegant belt, a silk scarf with a bold print, and artsy jewelry will make your basic wardrobe more interesting without cluttering up your closet with clothing you don’t need.

Shop for interesting accessories at off beat places such as vintage shops, estate sales, craft shows, and art and craft galleries. You can even learn to make your own. Head down to your local bead store and take a class on jewelry making. Soon you’ll be able to customize your jewelry to your wardrobe.

If you have pieces in your closet that don’t fit with your new basic wardrobe plan, donate or sell them online. With extraneous clothing cleared out of your closet, getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze. You really can look stylish with less clothing!

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