Womens Medieval Hairstyles

Medieval Hairstyles

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Since the dawn of time women celebrated their hair in ways that made them feel beautiful and that reflected both their culture and era. This is certainly true for womens medieval hairstyles.

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Going Medieval

You might be wondering why anyone would want to utilize a historical medieval hairstyle. There are many good reasons. One is for entertainment – plays or movies where a realistic touch transports the viewer to a completely different time and place.

Since most of us aren’t actors, however, the two most common reasons for a historical hairstyle is marriage or a costume party. In both instances you’re looking to create a feel and overall presentation that is finished perfectly by your hair.

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Medieval Hairstyles:

One of the most defining factors of Medieval fashion was loosely curled hair for the upper classes.

The luxury of not having to worry about hair thanks to their affluence made the long curls a sign of wealth and power.

Women of lower classes often needed shorter hair that went unadorned so it was out of the way.

More conservative hairstyles were also adopted by religious women who felt the flashier fashions would not be pleasing to God. Their fears were not without cause.

A woman could be accused of witchcraft for nearly any reason including flaunting their beauty in any way.




Braided Womens Medieval Hairstyles


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Braids were also all the rage, be it single or double (i.e. one on each side of the head). The reason for this styling is that high foreheads were a sign of beauty (the styles showed that feature off). The types of braids included three strands, woven, four strands, and twists/crosses.

Note that the braided hair was a great help since people of this time were very superstitious about frequent bathing. It maintained hair in better condition and helped avoid matting.

In conjunction with hairstyles, women sometimes plucked their eyebrows completely out to enhance their forehead line.


Womens Medieval Hairstyles Accessories And Decorations


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In terms of hair decorations, the following items appeared at various junctures:
- gold balls at the ends of hair
- bonnets
- veils
- hats
- cone hats with attached veil
. - Head bands
- Hair nets (decorated)
- Ribbons and wires (these were used to turn hair into works of art, including a tower or heart)
Enjoy Womens Medieval Hairstyles



Long Womens Medieval Hairstyles


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