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Do you need to go on a fashion diet?

Fashion Diet?

Yes, go on a fun fashion diet, just as dieting and natural foods have become deservedly trendy for healthier living.

I'm beginning to think we should all go on a style diet for a better fashion experience and as such am writing about women's fashion help.

In fact, the more I look at it, the more similarities I find between the foods we eat and the clothes we wear. Food and fashion are amazingly alike!

Excess is as dangerous to your health as shortage, and moderation is mandatory.

Bling (or overly flashy) style equates to sugar or empty calorie foods.

While we may be attracted to clothing items that shine and catch the eye, they may not be the choice for a "healthier" wardrobe.

The word "obesity" easily springs to my mind every time I look at all those excessively embellished clothing items displayed in stores and boutiques.

And just as you are advised by the nutritional experts to avoid sugars and to restrict your intake of empty calories, this holiday season stay on the alert for "fattening" flashy bling when you go shopping for your wardrobe.

The great classics are a must have for your wardrobe and they equate to the best ingredients of basic nutrition in matters of the kitchen.

When you go shopping this holiday season, check out the latest classics and make them the heart of your healthier wardrobe.

Think of the classics as the basic necessary nutrients on which to formulate your style's diet.

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Updated May 7, 2012

Superior fabrics, meaning more hard-wearing garments, equate to sustainable farming and assured food supply.

Uncontaminated and organic are great standards both for food and fabric.

The quality of what we wear is as important as the quality of what we eat. Quality also means less waste in terms of food or fashion.

Eclectic flair makes for visual stimulation and the wow factor in a fun fashion diet.

This equates to the culinary skill and imagination of a great chef and their way with spices and great cuisine.

The art of creating something uniquely yours calls for sensitivity, a sense of proportion, good aesthetic sense and a talent for picking the right ingredients.

This is true both for when you dress up for an event or party or when you mix a soufflé.

Less clutter for the wardrobe is liberating and is, in many ways, similar to stocking a wholesome supply of foods in the pantry.

Discard the fluff and restrict your shopping to classic items that make up the staples for your wardrobe, as well as the superior-quality seasonal offerings that are to fashion what farmer's fresh produce is to food.

This for fashion translates to a simpler, more comfortable style, as it would in the case of preparing the meals.

This holiday season, make sure you avoid foods that have been processed so much that they can almost be called junk foods and synthetic clothing made from poor quality fabrics.

That way you will be sure you are eating – and wearing – products that give you quality of life both in your mind and body as well as on the fashion scene.
Enjoy, a fun fashion diet