Womens 1950s Hairstyles, Popular Long And Medium Styles

When you think of womens 1950s hairstyles you may immediately think of the simple updo of June Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver fame, but the truth of the matter is that women during the fifties had a very wide and varied sense of style.

After the more sober styles of the 1940s, the women who came of age in the 1950s felt free to get a little more intricate and glamorous with their styles.

1950s hairThis was a time period where women had become more accustomed to a place in the working world, and they were ready to come into their own.

One favorite of the 1950's was the poodle cut, with its teased shape and gentle and attractive framing of the face.

This was considered a wonderfully feminine touch and women would often splurge on the salon treatment that was necessary for this look. It was considered something of an indulgence, but on the right face, it was an extremely flattering and stylish look.

The 1950's Bouffant

The bouffant was another look that women during the fifties would work to get. Hairspray were often used to get the right, teased-up and flowing look, and these could be helped with the right short and layered cut.

The waves that created the bouffant would come from the crown area and it was an excellent formal look and was worn by many young girls and women.

Scarves could be added, knotted loosely over the crown of the head or tied in more tightly for a carefree look.

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The 1950's hairstyles also saw the rise of these two styles which you may still see on any modern street.

The 1950's Ponytail

The ponytail was quite common for young girls and elastic was used to bind the hair up high, usually just a few inches behind the crown.

The loose hair behind could be smoothed and straightened with an iron or it could be curled and left loose.

The 1950's French Braid

The French braid was another style that has definitely survived the era, and it could be seen on women who were looking for a neat style for work, or for women who were looking for something more glamorous.

If you are headed to a fun fifties style event, the easiest 50s hair to replicate is probably the ponytail.

Rather than just throwing it up casually, take the time to make sure that your hair is tied back smoothly an use some leave in conditioner, scrunched through the loose hair, to give it some shape and body.

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Womens 1950s Hairstyles
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 7, 2015

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Womens 1950s Hairstyles