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Womens 1940s Hairstyles

Womens 1940s hairstyles on the home front during the years of World War 2 were nothing to celebrate, but despite this, they still made an impressive effort to be glamorous in their own way!

Wartime Glamour: Women's Hair During the 1940's

1940's hairstyles were quite varied, and it is easy to see why today, those distinctive styles still speak of a very different, very fascinating era.

One thing that you will notice in the hairdos of women during this decade is that it was fairly common to see hair that was rolled or curled below the shoulder. Actresses like Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall made this long, loose and curling look quite popular.

1940s pinup girlThe curls from this time period, when worn casually, were quite loose, though they could be put up quite elaborately.

You'll find that you can get an beautiful effect from the rolls of hair that women would put up.

When you are thinking about trying a 1940's hairstyle for yourself, you'll find that there are a few things to keep in mind.

One of the first ways to start setting your hair up is to make sure that you begin with a side part.

This is good way to make sure that you get the distribution of hair correct. You'll find that this will give you the sheer volume of hair you need to start with the curls.

To do the curls, you'll find that women would use rag curls, though you'll find that soft rollers will work quite well.

Remember, though, that when you are thinking of the larger rolls that it is not just the hair on your head alone.

The larger rolls were often supported with "rats," which at one point were made from hair that was pulled out of your comb and then knitted together.

You'll find that you can make rats for yourself or that you can purchase foam ones that will blend in with your hair. When you are looking to adorn your hair, you'll also find that bright flowers make great period adornments.

1940s Glamour

1940s glamour 1940 Glamour

How To Style 1940s Ringlets

To get a great ringlet curl, start by parting your wet hair with some leave in conditioner, and then make a second part across your head, from ear to ear.

After that, you can comb the hair in the back two halves straight back and make three rows of three long curls at your neck.

Afterwards, comb the front of the hair back towards your ears and start twisting them into curls that reach towards your shoulders.

After you have dried your hair in this shape, pun the side curls up and blend it back into the hair at the back of your neck. At this point, you can pull them into a loose cluster.

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Updated February 12, 2012

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