Women Over 60 Hairstyles

A tremendously appealing option for mature women over 60 hairstyles is Blythe Danner's full, wavy look.

Although Blythe has naturally curly locks, she uses hair tools and styling products to tame her tresses and mold them into the look that she wants.

The lengthy layers in Blythe Danner's full, wavy hairstyle caress her face creating a loose frame around her face that brings forth her fabulous features.

Blythe’s bangs are long and brow brushing which is a good way to draw the eye away from a large forehead. 

The ends of her bangs on the sides are casually swept back which is very playful and adds youthfulness to her style.

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  • Start with freshly washed hair.
  • Detangle your locks with a wide tooth comb and then distribute a small amount of straightening serum evenly over damp strands. 
  • Blow dry in small sections using a medium barreled round brush and a diffuser attachment on your dryer to prevent frizz. 
  • Dry your bangs down and slightly under, sweeping them softly to the sides at either edge. 
  • Lift through your crown while drying to offer a slight touch of volume to your roots. 
  • The rest of your hair should be dried working downward and then flipping your ends gently over. 
  • When your hair is fully dried, work in small sections around your head with a straightening iron. 
  • Pull the hair downward starting from the roots and then flipping over at the ends. Be careful not to pull too taught as you want your hairstyle to have some wave and to not be completely stick straight. 
  • Comb through your hair and arrange as desired.
  • If you want some more curl, work around your head with a large barreled curling iron until you are satisfied. 

Author: Tanna Mayer

Updated November 28 2014

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