Witch Costumes For Halloween Witches And Casting Spells

adult witch costumesWhen you think of witch costumes and witch outfits, you might find that you are thinking of those old plastic black robes, combined with a wary rubber nose and a pointy hat, but the truth is, you only have to be that kind of witch if you want to.  

There are plenty of costumes out there that are just as sassy, cute and clever as you are.

If you want to do some spell-slinging on Halloween, you'll find that witch costume is just the way to do it.

When you are thinking about a witch costume for Halloween, you will find that there are plenty of options open to you, so think about what kind of witch you are.

Are you a candy corn witch, with a skirt of yellow and orange? This is a perfect match for someone who's as sweet as sugar but still has a little bit of a dark side.

On the other hand, if you are a hot and dangerous number and you don't care who knows it, you might want to think about a Black Widow witch outfit.

This is a perfect costume for someone who is into a little bit of menace with their fun.

Witch Costume Accessories

The accessories that go along with a good witch costume are extremely varied. Remember that for the most part, witches don't wear running shoes, so think about your foot gear.

For instance, are you interested in big, stompy black boots with silver buckles and pointed toes? You may be more interested in glossy black high heels, with fun ankle straps, or even in demure slippers that allow you to girls witch costumeswalk around as quiet as a cat.

Remember that when you are putting together the accessories that now is the time to break out all of that over-dramatic costume jewelry.

Look for large and clunky pendents, the more ostentatious, the better, and make sure that you look for something to decorate your wrists as well.

If you are looking for great accessories to carry along, head to the costume shop and look for disembodied hands, jars full of plastic eyes and other ingredients that are fit for a witch's brew.

You may also be interested in picking up a familiar, like a stuffed black cat or a stuffed toad. Tell everyone that that's what happened to the last guy who annoyed you !

adult witch hat

Halloween is made for witches, but don't blend into the background; show off your fun idea of what a witch can be and cast a spell all your own!


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Witch Halloween Costumes

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