Winter Season Hair Styles And Hair Color

Winter season hair styles and hair color begins with the contrast of pearl white skin against ebony hair, perhaps the most enchanting of all natural, and seemingly effortless beauty.

If we may look to one of the leading ladies of Disney, the beloved Snow White as an example of this lovely contrast. The blending of these two natural attributes creates perhaps a touch of mystery.

The fair skin tone lends the femininity and fairness as the dark hair tone reflects sophistication and strength.

There are many Winter color palettes that have the dark black hair but with a olive skin tone, your image is more of an exotic and sensual mystery.

Winter Season Hair Styles and Hair Color Shine

Your number one priority for hair care is for hair to shine, Be it a short inverted bob or a longer length that cascades down your back, it is shiny hair that will polish your total look.

Also notice that none of these photos use: highlights frosting streaks for added effect. One of the most common hair coloring mistakes women make is to lighten to a much lighter tone or coloring to another undertone family altogether.

Grey Hair

In a quest to cover gray, a winter may try to lighten overall in a hope to mask the graying and have it appear natural.

The opposite effect will only result, the lighter shade will make a winter appear washed out and aged. You need the richness of your hair color to balance both wardrobe palette and skin tones.

If you must or prefer to color, do so only through a hair stylist or colorist experienced in hair color analysis who can work with the natural balance of your hair, eyes and skin tone to enhance and maximize your natural beauty.

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Winter Catherine Zeta Jones

Winter Season Hair Styles And Color Hair Accessories

Adorn your hair with whatever catches your eye, your hair creates a natural black background that will set off anything you tuck in, especially beautiful for a soft look would be shades of pearl, seashell, silver, cornsilk.

Dynamic and vibrant shades to match your clothing can be of any icy or clear rich jewel tone.

Styles To Avoid Blonde in all variations and brown tones with copper reflections. Highlights frosting, streaks, containing blondes or auburn.

Who Is A Winter

Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Jaclyn Smith, Marie Osmond, Princess Caroline, Liza Minnelli, Marlo Thomas, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Courtney Cox-Arquette — and Snow White.

Elizabeth Taylor WinterElizabeth Taylor
Winter CherCher
Winter Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith
Winter Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli

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