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Winter Hair Care

All of your hard work to keep your hair sexy and beach-ready all summer long can be completely destroyed if you don't practice proper winter hair care. When it comes to your hair, the extreme winter conditions have absolutely nothing good to offer.

Winter Hair

Winter Hair

When winter arrives, which it is doing now, absolutely everything changes, and they are not slight. The change in humidity, extreme drop in temperature, wind, rain, and snow; even those cute winter beanies, can all be detrimental to the health of your hair.

Keeping those locks gorgeous all winter long is incredibly simple with just a few extra measures. The extra time required is minimal and it will ensure that you have healthy, beautiful hair all year round.

Winter Hair Care: Frizz Control

Humidity means frizz no matter what season it is, but winter brings a lot of extra moisture with it. Avoid that frizzy static look by applying an intensive conditioning treatment to your hair at least once a week.

Not only will this keep hair looking bright and healthy, it gives much needed hydration to your hair. Hats are another frizz-causing culprit, but you don't have to hang them up in order to have beautiful winter hair.

Help battle the frizz caused by hats as well as the elements by applying some serum to the ends of your hair. Along with fighting frizz, just a few drops of serum will add a nice healthy shine to your hair. Just remember that serums are meant to be used drop by drop; too much will just leave you looking like a greasy mess.

Winter Hair Care: Ditch the Dryer

To help protect your hair from the harsh effects that can result from blow-drying, be sure to towel dry your hair first. Squeezing the excess water from your hair and then wrapping it in a towel will help you to absorb the most moisture.

Once you've got your hair as dry as possible, blow dry from root to tip. You could also consider letting your hair air dry instead of subjecting it to extra damaging heat.

Winter hair care is about keeping it simple. Because the weather is already attacking your hair, the less you can do potentially damaging things to it, the better.

Try to avoid heat styling, and be sure to use a heat protectant when you do use a flat iron. Winter hair care does not have to be difficult, but any extra effort you put into it will only benefit the overall health of your hair throughout every season.

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Updated December 6, 2011

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