The Winter Bath, Relax, Indulge, And Pamper Yourself

Winter is a season all unto its own, with early nights and long hours spent thinking quietly indoors. Winter is also the time of joyful plans for celebrating such events as Christmas, Hanukkah, kwanza and New Years galas.

Winter is also abundant with a wealth of aromas that are seldom seen any other time of the year.

Winter scents are composed of crackling wood fires, ovens alive with rich odors of baking, wet outer wear and hyacinths residing in the indoor warmth.

The cold days of winter do not mean that you have to remain trapped inside.

For those who are brave enough to bundle up and expose themselves to the elements there are so many wonders to be found in the crisp winter air.

Never forget during the busy times of the winter season to take moments for yourself. Winter can bring about busy hours of shopping, meal preparation, sending out cards and many more essential things to get done.

Just always take time to treat yourself right.

As tempting as it may seem at the start or end of a busy day, do not fail to tend to your beauty routine. Make taking care of yourself a part of your daily ritual so that it does not become neglected.

Look at each moment you spend taking care of yourself as another chance to think about all that you have to be thankful for in your life.

Winter time calls for additional care to be taken in your beauty regimen as the bitter air outside and the heated air indoors can cause your hair and skin to become dry. The most essential beauty product for every woman during the winter months is moisturizer.

Although this is a magical time of year where we feel good thinking of and doing wonderful things for others that does not mean that we should forget about ourselves. The better we feel about who we are, the more we have to give to others.

A cold winter evening is the perfect time to indulge in a long soak in a hot tub to take the chill out of your bones. Set the mood and you will enjoy your bath even more. Use flowers, candles and scents to make your bath an even more enjoyable experience.

Many people find it a heady experience to rinse their body off in a cool shower after a hot bath to invigorate their flesh and senses.

Even though the cold weather may call for you to cover up most of your flesh beneath layers of clothing, never neglect to care for those body parts not normally exposed until warmer weather.

Using loofahs or sea sponges can exfoliate your knees and elbows leaving them smooth and lovely. Pick your favorite bath gel or soap to create a delicious lather and make certain to rinse your flesh well when finished.

When you are done, leave your flesh still slightly damp and slather on a terrific moisturizer or soft oil to make your skin shimmer and feel incredibly soft.

Enjoy, A Winter Bath


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The Winter Bath ~ You Are Here


The Winter Bath

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