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Wild Long Hair, What To Do With it

Girls who sport wild long hair project a care-free but very independent image. However, although this look suits the actresses that perform in jungle woman films, it is not always a good idea to wear your hair wild.

long wild hair makeover

Wear it at school and teachers will regard you as an unruly kid, and wear it at a job interview and be regarded as an unlikely candidate. You cannot be blamed if you prefer to keep your hair as it is because it is plain gorgeous, but you should, at least, be aware of how to style your hair to fit occasions that demand a more groomed image.

The model featured in this article looks good in her wild long hair with its jungle appearance, but she knows the fact that the 'do is not ideal for all types of situations. With the help of her stylist, they came up with a more sophisticated image of her. The good thing about the makeover is that the model can easily revert to the old jungle wild look if she wishes, then switch back to the celebrity styled 'do in minutes. To add sophistication and to suit her more, her blonde hair was tinted with a reddish-gold to make her look more mature, in spite of sporting the groomed new look.

If you are a pretty blonde with wild long hair, you can still sport the sassy wild look but in a more sophisticated manner. To do this, follow the instructions listed below:

styling steps long wild hair

  • Prepare the things you need for the makeover: hair color, fine-toothed comb, hair brush, hair mousse, blow-dryer, curling iron, and hair spray.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Hair coloring treatment works best on clean and oil-free hair.
  • Prepare the hair coloring materials. Ask your stylist to do the coloring work for you to get evenly-colored locks.
  • Let the hair coloring treatment settle nicely. Wait for 12-24 hours before styling the newly-colored locks.
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, line the area of the scalp where you want your hair to be nicely and clearly divided.
  • Brush both sides of the hair thoroughly to encourage the newly-divided hair to settle. You may use mousse to flatten out the surface.
  • Using a brush and blow-dryer, roll a large section of hair in front of your face onto the hair brush and blow-dry the rolled up section. Do this 2-3 times until the hair settles nicely in one big curly lock.
  • Roll up the ends of the main section of hair and curl it up in the same fashion as how you did it for the bangs.
  • To make the big waves settle, use hair spray.

Once you style wild hair, the result should be the look of a sophisticated young woman who knows how to 'tame' it when need be. You can keep your wild long hair but remember it can be looking just as good when they styled and tamed.

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Updated December 7, 2011

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