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Wide Leg Denim

Wide leg denim is a hit with women who were disappointed by the skinny jeans fashion madness that hit several seasons ago.

Stylish Wide Legs

It's not surprising that they had to ravage the stores in the hope they'll find some wide leg denim pants that actually fitted their less than super-model perfect figure.

Not everyone is endowed with awesome curves like Gisele Bundchen or skinny legs like Kate Moss.

For those women or gals who simply didn't like how skinny jeans paired with their own style, this particular jeans trend was a sheer no-no.

Fortunately, designers had come up with an appealing style that won the hearts of numerous women who were seeking an alternative to ultra-tight jeans.

"Wide legs have a longer rise because the silhouette needs a bit more height to flatter the body," says Chachi Prasad, founder of the fashion line Bishop of Seventh, whose jeans have been worn by Carrie Underwood and Rumer Willis.


This style of pants has a high waist, and the flared appearance doesn't begin below the knee like in the case of bootleg pants, but much, much higher, enabling women to move freely without feeling any sense of tightness across their legs.

This style is also different to bell-bottom pants as those are fitted on the thighs and become flared from the knee down

Wide legged jeans have a stylish, sleek look compared with boyfriend jeans.

Even though they promote the same sense of comfort, they often feature a distressed look with frayed or upturned hems.

In comparison, wide leg denim can be worn during an evening out, and they can also be office-appropriate.

This style of pants is not only highly versatile, but it is also affordable as wide leg denim can be bought from numerous stores featuring this sort of silhouette.

To pull off a great look, you need to pay attention at a few factors though to prevent having an unpolished and slouchy appearance.

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Updated May 7, 2012

Front View Wide Leg Denim

How to Select This Style

These jeans looks great on women who are at least 5 feet 4 inches tall but even though they don't necessarily have to be slim, a certain level of slenderness is required.

Broader women can thus pull off this denim trend as well, but they need to select a wider flared pair of pants with a boyfriend cut. The color of the jeans should have a dark finish for a slimming effect.

Petite women have to pick jeans that are less flared; hybrids between skinny jeans and pants with a leg opening of 18 inches.