Whiten Teeth At Home

Teeth Whitening At Home

Smiling can be a very uncomfortable reaction when you have stained or yellowed teeth. Thanks to an ever-growing health and beauty industry, however, you can now whiten teeth at home where it’s private and comfortable. The only problem is knowing how to choose a product. What’s really going to work, and what products are just “fluff?”

Before answering that question, let’s first learn a little more about why teeth change colors. In some individuals aging causes teeth to lose enamel. This thinness makes teeth seem darker. A second reason teeth change color has to do with diets and with smoking. Things like tea, cola, wine, and coffee can all stain your teeth as can cigarette smoke.

At home teeth whitening products are generally designed to tackle stains. They may not be the best choice for teeth experiencing enamel loss because the main component, peroxide, makes teeth and gums very sensitive. Many times people with enamel loss are already experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold, and whitening would only worsen that.

For other individuals, the peroxide treatment is perfectly safe so long as they have no other mouth conditions, and have been seeing a dentist regularly.

Does Teeth Whitening at Home Work?

Good question. In the majority of tested products, home whitening does seem to improve the color of a person’s teeth usually within the span of 2 week’s time. None of the products are overly difficult to use, and cost-wise they’re far more affordable than professional whitening.

If you’re wondering - having your teeth whitened in a dentist’s office costs typically between $500 - $1,000.00 depending on the method used. Meanwhile, home whitening products cost as little as $15!

The only drawback to home systems is that they cannot change the color of any fillings, crowns, bonding etc. If you use teeth whitening on adjacent teeth, those prefabricated materials will look out of place (because they were matched to the color of your teeth at the time of the procedure).

What Experts Recommend To Whiten Teeth At Home

If you’re going to try teeth whitening at home, the two best methods recommended by many dental professionals are whitening strips and trays. Both strips and trays keep the peroxide in direct contact with the teeth most efficiently.

When you’re picking out either of these, look for products with at least 10% peroxide solution (15% is even better). Using this for about a half hour twice daily should yield satisfactory results in 7-14 days. Note: always read the instructions on any product and follow them if different from this general guideline.

Other types of teeth whitening products are good for specific situations. For example, paint on whiteners give you the ability to only treat specific spots on your teeth instead of a whole row. That’s true of whitening pens too, and both are very portable so you can pack them easily.

Then too there’s whitening toothpastes and mouth wash. Neither of these have overly impressive results, but using an electric toothbrush will improve toothpaste’s performance. 
Yes, you can whiten teeth at home.



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Whiten Teeth At Home

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