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The Benefits Of White Tea For Weight Loss

Can drinking tea help you lose weight? Many people have heard that recent studies claim green tea is good for the metabolism and can help you lose weight. But white tea also has some health benefits which are generally not as well known.

For a long time, people have used green tea as a method of weight loss. This is due to there being something in green tea called catechins. Catcechins help the body produce heat which encourages the body to burn fat faster. The fat burned is then turned into energy.

A new study has shown that white tea helps the body decrease fat stores more quickly than it does usually. Scientists are now beginning to realize that the same benefits that are found with drinking green tea are very similar to those of white tea.

Effects of Drinking White Tea: The Study

The exciting new research study of white tea has proven that it can help decrease the formation of new fat cells, and this happens immediately after exposing the human fat cells to the white tea.

Beside this, the study also proved that the present fat cells were burned in the presence of the white tea extract. So what does this show us about the benefits of drinking white tea? It shows us that in a laboratory setting at least, white tea helps to reduce the fat content of the body.

How is White Tea Different?

So what is the difference between white tea and green tea and how do these help us lose weight? Although white, black and green tea all come from the same plant, the fact is that white tea is the least processed of the three and it contains the most original benefits of the plant – Camellia Sinensis. The most important part of the plant is called polyphenol, which is responsible for many of the health benefits of the white tea.

One of the most important polyphenols is called EGCG, and it is probably the most important part of the white tea as it is thought to prevent unwanted weight gain and promote weight loss. There are thought to be many more health benefits to drinking white tea including anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. However, all of these health benefits are yet to be proven for people although they have been tested successfully on animals.

Can White Tea Help in the Prevention of Weight Gain?

Owing to the fact that the study was done in a laboratory setting, it is not possible to conclude that white tea will definitely help people lose weight in real life. The reason for this is the fact that the properties of the white tea can act completely differently in real life than how they acted in the laboratory under controlled settings.

Also, there is the question of the quantity of tea people would have to drink in order to lose weight. It is believed that the levels of polyphenol needed for weight loss might not be possible to absorb by drinking white tea at your home.


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