What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

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A visit to some of the web's most popular men's forums to find out what men really think makes a woman beautiful and what qualities a man is first attracted to provided some very surprising answers!













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Looks or Virtue Which is Real Beauty?

That over time and throughout history the poets, the philosophers, the writers and the artists have been talking about beauty and its meaning since the beginning of time.

Others had definite opinions that dispel many of the myths set down by those predecessors. What would you consider as beauty in a woman? As a man what do you look for? Is it her looks, body structure,
her movement, her virtues etc?  Which is a woman's real beauty?  Read the posts and submissions below and see if your thought's on what makes a woman beautiful match any of these.


Men's Thought On Wives And Marriage

lisst icon What my wife taught me.
Cherish her
Need her
Be proud of her
Want to be with her more than anything else
Be romantic
My opinion counts more than I'll ever know
Be supportive of her
Listen without providing a solution. Some things are fixed by just trying to understand her feelings.
She is different than you.
There is a good chance she worked just as hard or harder than you did today.
Do something special for her right away in the morning and she will have a much better day.
Be romantic - did I mention this already? Sigh... I'm trying...
Grey — Location Onterio

lisst icon I was separated but not yet divorced when I met my second wife.
I was in no way looking for a second wife. I was just looking. And wow was I looking.
It was many days later when I had a chance to meet her. Her youth and
beauty caught my eye, it was her devotion to her passion in life that kept my interest.

Here I was, a guru of self motivation, taught by the best. And there she was, a young lady who, I am sure, had never read a self help book in her life. She knew more about a “burning desire” than anyone I had ever met. I had finally found someone that thinks like I do. For twelve years now we have worked together, side by side, to build upon our dreams and goals.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon She is my partner and my best friend. She is still as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on her. She got a husband that learned from all of his prior mistakes. Never to repeat.

lisst icon I got a beautiful wife with a burning desire to succeed.
Dennis — Location Arizona

lisst icon What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty I would marry a girl who can't cook, as long as they gat Food joints, cleaning is no problem they gat all kinds of machines for cleaning. Spend time with a not-too-good-looking lady with a golden heart and u'll soon begin to see her as Beautiful. Try it
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty Ive said it before, what are maids for? My wife is likely to be too busy doing more important things to spend her time cooking and cleaning. One of the beautiful things about modern life is that almost everything can be outsourced - so you spend your time on what you love, and use the money you make from what you love to pay people to do what you'd rather not be doing. If mine can't clean and cook fine, let's see what else she can do!
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon cooking and cleaning isn't the point, because let's face facts majority of the women nowadays can't do either. What i'm saying is that external beauty for a lady is alright, at least it get's her foot in the door, but that is all it does. whether she now enters the house depends on her internal qualities ie what she has inside.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty Who wants Jezebel for a wife. She's very pretty remember. Like i said earlier. Looks is beauty too but not strong enough to captivate a man. Dont be decieved ladies. He loves u because your got a big ass? Lie. He loves your —. Period! No man will call a lady with a heart of gold ugly (they'll rather not make a comment). Trust me. Men kno the diff between a sex material and a wife material. The outside beauty doesn't fade. It only retires after it has outlived it's purpose and that's what happens to virtually every useful thing in life

What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty


Men's Thoughts On Physical Beauty ~ One

What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon I've been with my girlfriend over 3 years now and I can say there is no one in the world I would rather be with. I think the main thing that I love about her is how caring she is. She's a natural mother figure (although we don't want kids), and weirdly (I think this is a Freudian thing) I look for that in a woman. I like her because she's strong, dominant and doesn't let men trample over her, which I really admire in a woman. I like the way we'll be watching Big Brother highlights and she'll point out just how spineless and pathetic some of the "girls" are in the house. Physically, I find bigger, fuller figured women attractive (some people would call them "fat" but I think this term is thrown around too loosely for any woman larger than a size 2!!!). It really disturbs me just how much mainstream magazines are portraying the thin (and I mean stick-model thin) figure as "beautiful" and something to aspire to. She's my goddess
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty
Mike — Sheffield, England

lisst iconI have come to the conclusion, having admired a great many women, that almost any woman can be truly beautiful, if she wants. It doesn't come down to age, Sharon Stone, Rene Russo and Madonna all prove that. It doesn't come down to looks, hardly any supermodels look similar, just think of Sophie Dahl. It doesn't come down to hair colour either. Yet, any woman who makes effort with hair, makeup and clothes can look stunning. I'm convinced of that. As for me, what I look for comes from inside. I have been lucky enough to date some truly amazing women from a number of different countries and ethnicities. They are well educated, well travelled, multi-lingual, hard working expatriates with flair and drive. Amazing creatures. In truth, I am generally not even vaguely worthy of them - they were and are amazing. That comes from within.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty
Stuart - England

lisst icon I think you're arguing internal beauty versus external, and one thing to understand is that the male mind separates the two. It's how porn exists and why strip clubs exist. Physical and mental can be separate. We also don't romanticise emotional attraction as "beauty." If a woman is a great person, we'll say it, but it really doesn't make her beautiful. It makes her great, though. Now, that being said, beauty is, physically: - Being in good shape (healthy bodyfat percentile) - Good skin (moisturied, blemish-free) - Healthy hair (well kept, conditioned and cut) - Dressing well (current styles, well-kept clothes, etc) - Good hygene (nails, perfume, etc) - Good eyebrows (nothing furry, manly or overdone so they're nonexistant) - Well-done makeup (complementary, not too much or too little) IMO, 90% of women (or more) can look VERY beautiful to men, provided they give some good effort.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty
Chicago, USA

lisst icon I was just recently describing these very attributes in response to a similar question moments ago. I'll do it again in the context of this one particular lady who is currently scrambling my senses: she has the most sincere and engaging smile; that was the initial attraction. As I've gotten to know her, however, her beauty has opened slowly to me like a blossoming flower, keeping me rapt but ever hungry for more. That mysterious element definitely works to her advantage, beacuse I'm a captive audience. Picture this: she's got this youthful, doelike innocence but also a confident grace...frankly it just drives me crazy (thank you for letting me get that off my chest). She's highly intelligent, compassionate and optimistic; extremely pretty yet with an approachable air about herself. All of these things in concert make her beautiful to me. You have my permission to tell the world, if I don't beat you to it.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon There are ....as many different answers to that as there are men on the planet. It's called personal preference!

lisst icon What do I consider as beauty in a woman? Here are my first thoughts: When the presence of a woman brings peace, tranquility, and love - not stress.  When a woman is strong enough to make decisions that make a difference and take full responsibility for her actions, instead of hiding in the shadow of the men in her life. When a woman does not habitually tell lies. You'll be surprised how rare this is.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon—nice. It is rare to find women who do not tell lies. But very common to find ladies telling lies - fact. What is the real beauty in a woman, firstly it isn't her looks, because that fades It's not her body structure because that changes. It's something within, something in the way she smiles, the way she looks at you, the way she sleeps, the way she calls your name, they way her head always seems to find that crook in your neck, they way she makes you feel like you have someone to lean on, someone to who has your back, someone you can rely on, someone you can trust. A girl that is independent yet she seems to depend on you (sounds like a contradiction i know) It's when just the thought of her brings a smile to your face, when you find yourself lying awake at night just to watch her sleeping. when you find out that you pray for her before yourself...... wait a minute that's love.... hmm but i guess it's a girls inner beauty that makes a guy fall in love with her so they kind of go together. hope i'm making sense.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon — is kind of funny.. anyway i do agree with — and what do usay to a woman that pray for you everytyme, isn't she a beautifull woman. ??

lisst icon Truth is: good looks "attracts" but only good character "keeps"... A lady with a nice heart is the most beautiful to me.. damn looks..Its only skin deep.

lisst icon I agree with — totally, good looks "attracts" but only good character "keeps". But u know that d end justifies d means,so to me good character is d real beauty in women.


What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon Nobody is saying that — or — won't attract us. Lets be serious we won't even get to know a girl if she doesn't Fit out basic requirements(physically). What we are saying is that her physical structure alone does not denote true beauty. Let a girl have the best structure in the world, It is no gaurantee that it will keep the guy if he doesn't find some of the other stuff we are looking for in a wife. tell me a guy that will marry a pretty face that can't cook, clean and do some other basic stuff.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst iconPlease learn to talk with facts, She wasnt dumped, her ex husband cheated on her so they deceided to get divoorced. I am not asking anyone to go and marry a girl for her beauty. but beauty plays a long role. I can't imagine mysellf with an ugly — girl just coz she is mannered, no
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon thankx for the update, but it still says the same thing, or is the girl he cheated on her with more pretty, if thats the case then it's all well and good. But you still haven't gotten my point, which is outside beauty attracts but it doesn't keep. I'm not saying that beauty doesn't go a long way, it does. what i'm saying is that it is not enough to make a man want to keep you for life.

lisst icon Huh, no doubt some people are just acting out a script and saying what people want to hear except for just a few. Good for them. My mamaa tells us something sometimes, jokingly though; "none of you should marry an ugly man/woman oooo coz I didn't give birth to ugly children" I'm not going to base my opinion on that eventhough that is part of my resolve on this issue. If you're wowo (ugly), I can't be attracted to you. I'm of the opinion that beauty is not totally a function of looks but it plays an important role. Anywhere I go with my woman, I want to be able to raise my shoulders high enough to introduce her as mine. That is my candid opinion. And you know what? God says, "Ask and you shall receive" That is what I've asked Him.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon You know something I always believe when it comes to the issue of beauty and character? Those who believe they are not beautiful or probably have been told so by a couple of people would never accept that facial beauty is important. You know what that means, I call it- some form of consalation
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon This is one of the best post by far, but we are messing it up by parabulatig around the terms beauty is first of all what you see appearnce as in Halle Berrie, Liz Benson, Omotola Jalade, Marion Jones [/i]and their ilks. secondary beauty is where things like virtue, family connections, status come into play.so if i have to pick and use beauty as a yard stick i would pick Anita Baker to have a beautiful voice while Marion Jones for a beautiful face, Mother Teresa for a beautiful mind, i hope you get my drift. as for me beauty ie appearance come first i will toast Beyonce [i]first before considering Whoppi Goldberg. so all those who say that beauty will fade away. should also remember that strenght will also fade away with time but the memory of my lady's beauty will always be with me.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon No woman is repulsive. It basically depends on what you're looking for in a woman. Some just start as friends and it develops into full-blown-date (because of her character). Guyz don't only make friends with pretty girls mind u

lisst icon Common —, I haven't said any woman is repulsive and I would never say a thing like that. All women are beautiful in their own way but there's something you all are not getting from my point. I just wish you could figure it out. Every creature God created is beautiful and good but you see some people don't know this, hence they believe they aren't good enough. I believe something someone once said, "No one can say you're ugly without your permission". Unfortunately, so many are filled with inferiority complex, hence they accept that eventhough they don't say it.
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon Well i think beauty is whatever u take it to be.If count it from the facial aspect fine.it is beauty you take it from the body shape great it is beauty too BUT WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT? I think its the heart, character, soul,the inner mind a beautiful girl in mind should know how to dress well SO beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder if u see a girl u feel u like she's ok facially, shape and has a good character
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon Real beauty is not just facial beauty only,beauty comes with lot of things like character 1)How does she react when provoked 2)How does she relate to others 3)How does she walk 4)They way she talk 5)Good shape 6)Her reasoning 7)Intelligent 8)Respectfull

lisst icon Beauty from inside is the most important. nside beauty matters the most. But looks also matters plz. beauty 

lisst icon Sincerely I'll want her to be beautiful in and out but i prefer in-wards because i believe a gentle/nice chimpanzee is far better than a wicked/fierce angel. real beauty is her heart and how evill she could be THE REAL BEAUTY IN A WOMAN IS HER HIGH STANDARD OF INTELLIGENCE AND POLICY!
What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

lisst icon Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. I wonder what makes a lady beautiful ? but frankly speaking I will prefer the state of her mind and her behavoiur @ home and outside this is my idea of a beautiful lady. What do you think?

lisst icon Her touches, her looks, her kisses and how she acts in public while being with you.

lisst icon only good character can make a lady beautiful.


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What Men Are Thinking About Women And Beauty

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