Waxing For Hair Removal At Home

hair removalMany people all over the world opt to wax as their form of hair removal treatment. When you choose hair removal by waxing, you can choose a hot wax or a cold wax.

One of the reasons that waxing holds such a high appeal to ladies is that it can last a lot longer than shaving does. With shaving, you often noticed traces of stubble within a few days. When you wax however, your hair is actually removed at the root.

This means that you typically will not see new growth from about three all of the way up to eight weeks. Many women find this incredibly convenient especially in the summer months where bathing suits and shorts are worn often.

Practically wherever you have unwanted hair on your body, you can remove it using wax hair removal products. Some of the more popular areas that are waxed would be for eye hair removal, bikini hair removal, eyebrow hair removal, arms, facial hair removal, back hair removal, legs, stomach and even feet.

Although once something done predominately by women, many men's hair removal is common today for the body areas of chest hair removal and back hair removal.

Typically, wax is made up of a blend of either paraffin or beeswax, oils or fats that are natural and a resin that is created to allow the wax to stick to your skin. There are some waxes that even implement Vitamin E into them.

If you are debating using a wax to remove the unwanted hair from your body, you will first need to determine if you are going to use a hot or a cold wax method.

The technique of using hot wax means that the first step is to bring your wax up to a temperature that is very warm while still being comfortable. Most waxes can typically be warmed right in your microwave for convenience. Always make certain that you test the temperature of the wax before you apply the product so that you do not risk burning your skin.

You place a very thin layer of wax onto your flesh and then place a strip or other provided material over the wax. Make certain that you spread the wax in the same direction that your hair grows. Working in the direction that is opposite to the way your hair grows, you quickly tear the strip of material off.

Cold Waxing For Hair Removal

Using the cold wax technique is not hard and is in fact preferred by many over hot wax. With cold waxing, you will place wax on cloth strips to start with. You then place these strips on your body where you wish to remove hair.

The strips should be rubbed on in the same direction that your hair grows. Once they are firmly in place, quickly tug the strips off working now in the opposite direction as to how you smoothed them on.

After you are done waxing, you can use a moisturizer on the area of your body where the hair removal took place. Make certain that the moisturizer does not contain perfumes however. It is a good idea to use a cream that has Vitamin B, Aloe Vera or both in the ingredients.

For the first day or so after waxing, you will want to avoid swimming, using a hot tub or spa, too much sun, using perfume or deodorant on the freshly waxed area.

Waxing For Hair Removal
Be very careful to never apply wax on top of skin that is burnt, or is currently peeling. You also can not wax over lesions, infected areas, moles, warts, cuts, rashes or varicose veins


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Waxing For Hair Removal

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