Wavy Prom Hairstyles, Glam Waves Or Long And Loose

Looking for wavy prom hairstyles? Then, this article is for you! Here, we will list a couple of outstanding styles for individuals who have wavy hair. You will find detailed instructions on how to prepare your hair for these styles.






Ready To Style?

Relaxed Waves

If you have thick, medium to long length hair, a relaxed wave look may be best for you.

In order to achieve this look, simply follow the instructions listed below:

1. You will want to start by parting the hair in the middle and applying mousse all over.

2. The next step includes using a radial brush and a hair dryer. You must take the hair dryer and blow the hair straight back. Once this has been achieved, you will want to blow dry the top of the hair under and underneath the sides to add body.

3. Once the hair has been blown dried, you will simply want to roll the hair with hot rollers that are medium in size. In some areas of the hair, like the back, you may also want to implement the use of a basic curling iron.

4. Once this step has been achieved, simply apply hair wax to the back of the hair to hold the design in place.

5. You should be certain that you use the wax on the roots in order to lift them and add extra body to your style. Once completed with this step, tease the hair all over.

6. You are now ready to apply the smoothing shine gel and hairspray! That is all there is to this wavy prom hairstyle!

Pulled Back Waves

If you enjoy the look and feel of pulled back waves, you can achieve this style by following the directions listed below:

1. The first thing that you should do is apply mousse to wet, wavy hair. You should then dry the hair slightly.

2. Once the hair is nearly all the way dry, you should then pull it back in a clip, but not tightly.

3. Once this is completed, simply spritz and go!


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