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How Much Water Do You Need?

water for beauty

Your lungs will expel between two and four cups per day. Another two to four cups will also be expelled through perspiration (not including exercise induced perspiration) and on average another six cups when you go to the toilet.

Your body needs a minimum of two liters per day to function properly. If you have not been an avid water drinker, this may seem to be an impossible task, the following tips will help you to achieve your daily requirements.

To some, however, taken in small quantities throughout the day, it is not hard at all. An effective way to reach your goal is to start with one-two glasses of water for your first two days.

Increase to three glasses on your third day, working your way up to the minimum requirement of eight glasses. We suggest wearing something just a little loose at the waistline, You may experience a little bloating through the first few days. This is normal.

Your body is simply wanting to hold on to the water it has been silently craving. Now that you are taking in water on a daily basis your body will trust you to continue to replenish the supply and release the water.

As it does so the magic starts to happen, toxins, waste, and pollutants will start being flushed out of your body. A few extra visits to the ladies room can also be expected and this too will diminish after the first few days. If you have been a heavy drinker of teas, coffees, hot chocolates and aerated drinks your complexion may have a tired-looking, drawn-out haze.

Your complexion could also suffer from a greasy or oily texture. Skin "spots" or "stains" can also be a side effect of excessive use of these drinks. These drinks also contain ingredients which act as diuretics reducing your hydration levels rather than what you need, increasing those levels.

In moderation, these drinks are fine — but because these drinks also contain high levels of caffeine, which prevent your body from making efficient use of minerals and vitamins, it is important to limit your intake. A safe level would be no more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day. As you do increase water, you will find your cravings for caffeine reduce, that also means better sleep is near.


Water For Beauty ~ Water the latest accessory of well dressed women

list Have a fresh supply with you at all times using what is most convenient for you. Bottled water, a thermos, or that huge go-cup that used to hold your coffee. Just make sure your water is fresh.

list Keep a back-up supply everywhere: at work, your car, the gym locker, even a bottled water in the baby buggy.

list When you need to replace your fridge, consider a model that has a front dispenser for both cold water and ice. This will be a treat for the whole family and a wise investment in everyone's health.

list At home, have your 1 liter a day requirement waiting for you in a pitcher, it is encouraging as you see the level go down throughout the day.

list Having a hot mug of water or two in the evening to replace those last cups of coffee or tea, will fool your cravings.

list Add a slice of lemon, mmm, wonderfully soothing.

list For a refreshing pick me up in the heat, add the lemon slices to crushed ice and water.

list Order water with every meal you eat away from home and have with every meal at home.

list A runway model trick is drinking water 1/2 hour before a long show to curb appetite. Use this trick to help suppress your appetite and loose a few pounds as a bonus, a added bonus of water for beauty.

list Sip your water at red lights, while waiting in line, reception rooms,,walking, even at your hairdresser. Make it part of your day and it will become second nature to sip during idle time.

list Drink cold water from your favorite wine glass or hot from your prettiest mug.

Water For Beauty

The additional benefits of drinking water for beauty are it will not take long for your efforts to be rewarded. A reduction in overeating at meals a complexion that is bright and healthy Skin that feels moist with the increase in energy levels. An improvement in mental and physical performance.

Reduction of dark under eye circles. Toxins and other lovely unwanted substances are flushed out. Many women have found heavy menstrual cycles eased once they have increased water intake .
Enjoy, water for beauty


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Water For Beauty


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