Wallace Reid Mens Vintage Hairstyles

mens parted vintage hairstyle wallace reid

Wallace Reid was a matinee idol that millions of women could simply not get enough of watching. With his smashing good looks it was no wonder that he made the ladies swoon. Like most men of that era, Wallace Reid wore his hair in a neat, short cut. It was his intense side part that set him apart from others.

It is virtually guaranteed that Wallace Reid made regular trips to his favorite barber shop to keep his short hair with a deep side part in top condition. Numerous men in today's times just visit salon's like ladies do. Back when this celebrity ruled the big screen however, men would not visit a salon if their life depended on it! Today you do have a choice which is great, whether you are more comfortable in a barber's chair or a stylist's seat, it totally up to you.

One of the main differences between visiting a barber and a beautician will often be the cost. Typically the same haircut you can get at a salon will be a few dollars or even more, cheaper at a barber shop. If you have never used a barber before but are interested in trying out a short cut with a deep side part like Wallace Reid's, word of mouth is an exceptional way to find a barber to try.

After all, chances are good that if you come across a number of happy customers, you yourself should be satisfied with the work of this particular barber as well. This men's vintage haircut was short, there is no doubt about that, however, it was left long enough to slick to either side of his part. Also, his bangs were grown so that they could be parted and blended artfully into his cut.

Many people give little or no thought to the back of their haircut, however, the nape is an essential part to your overall hairstyle. There are two different types of nape you can choose from. There is the blocked nape where the hair is snipped straight across in an obvious line at the point where the hairline and the back of the neck meet. With a tapered nape, you will see a slow decrease in the length of the hair working from the back of the hair down to the nape where the hair stops.

A tapered nape is meant to work with your natural hairline. A good barber will always ask what type of nape that you have a preference for. The blocked nape is ideal for men who have very thin and or long necks. This is because a blocked nape with offer you the illusion of having a wider neck than you do. By contrast, a tapered nape is suitable for those who have short or thick necks.

There are those who firmly believe that a tapered nape provides you with a neater more natural looking cut. Wearing the same short haircut with a deep side part like Wallace Reid's is incredibly easy. Not only is this look easy to take care of, but its neat appearance will always leave you looking your best.

Styling Steps

  • Wash your hair and condition using products designed for your hair type.
  • Work a dollop of styling gel throughout your hair with your fingers.
  • Use the tail end of your comb and start at the front where you want your part to begin and work backwards.
  • Comb your hair down and slightly back on either side of your part.
  • Whenever possible allow your hair to dry naturally.