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When it comes to beauty, Vitamin B6 is so incredibly important! If you want healthy bones, skin, hair and teeth, Vitamin B6 can offer all of that and more.

Vitamin B6 Benefits

Vitamins For Hair Loss And Male Pattern Baldness

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Vitamins for Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness

Men's Baldness Problem

People that are looking for solutions against male pattern baldness are often disappointed by the high price and partial effectiveness of most treatments on the market today.

There are two known medication treatments that are also approved by the FDA, Finasteride and Minoxidil, yet these too have proven to be inefficient for some men, not to mention that people trying these two anti-baldness drugs have reported alarming side effects.

In the dilemma of effective anti-baldness treatments, a new study has underlined the existence of a remedy that seems to provide significant results. Another advantage of it is that it's a natural remedy as well: vitamin E.

Successful Anti-Male Pattern Baldness Treatment:

Vitamin E The study that states the efficiency of vitamin E in treating male pattern baldness was conducted on 28 volunteers residing in Malaysia. The participants were given a tocotrienol complex for a period of eight months, and according to the results, the percentage of reported hair growth was quite significant: 42%. This percentage was obtained by comparing the results of the group of men receiving treatment with the results of those receiving a placebo.

Vitamin E consists of two groups of compounds- tocotrienols and tocopherols. It is said that the first group of compounds have increased antioxidant potency in comparison with the tocopherol group. The latter is obtained by people through their diets and by taking supplements.

What are the Risks of Taking Vitamin E Supplements?

The supplements of vitamin E that can be commercially purchased are known to contain large amounts of alpha-tocopherol.

Now, research has shown that there is a higher level of mortality amongst those taking vitamin E supplements, whilst a larger study reported an elevated risk of getting lung cancer amongst smokers who took vitamin E in the form of supplements. It has also been discovered that vitamin E supplements enriched with tocotrienol promote an antioxidant activity and may not have the same health risks as the ones associated with tocopherols.

Additional Health Benefits of Tocotrienols

It might be inappropriate to jump to the conclusion that tocotrienols are the adequate remedies of treating male pattern baldness, yet there are also other significant study results that showed a positive correlation between health improvements and the administration of tocotrienols.

It is believed that tocotrienols may have anti-proliferative effects on the body's cells, and thus achieve positive results in the fight against certain kinds of cancer. For this hypothesis to be completely confirmed, as well as the one stating the efficiency of tocotrienols in treating baldness and hair loss, more studies should follow.

mens short hair greyTreating Hair Loss and Baldness through Supplements

As a result of the research favoring tocotrienols as a remedy for baldness, the company known as Carotech has developed a tocotrienol complex to help people suffering from hair loss.

The complex patented by the company has been created to maximize the potential of tocotrienols in stimulating hair growth. The company's product is called Toco-8, and can be purchased by those men who are affected by baldness by searching online for the name of this vitamin-based hair loss treatment.



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