Exercise And Anti Aging

Anti aging how much exercise do you need?

How much exercise is really enough?

In anti-aging medicine, the goal of an exercise program is to increase flexibility, increase aerobic capacity and increase strength.

These three goals will result in muscle toning, loss of excess fat, increased muscle mass and optimization of the muscle's use of oxygen and nutrients during rest and exercise.

How much exercise is really enough?

Vitamin K Spider Veins

appling vitamion k for spider veins

Vitamin K Lotions against Spider Veins

There are various vitamin K-based products available that are said to be efficient against unsightly spider veins. These creams and lotions are heavily advertised, but are they really as affective as they say?

Most people affected by spider veins resort to products that are said to eliminate or reduce this problem. Such products are vitamin K creams and are sold online as treatment methods for spider veins, but are these products really worth our money?

Spider veins are a great cause of tension amongst persons suffering from this aesthetic problem. Even when wearing the prettiest clothes, people can feel frustrated because of spider veins and some even try to use makeup as an attempt to cover them up, yet with less convenient results.

Spider veins often occur on the legs, but they can also be found on the face. These unsightly veins are in fact groups of superficial blood vessels that become highly noticeable on the person's skin surface.

Amongst the factors contributing to spider veins can be included: genetics, aging, sedentariness, being overweight or constantly standing up for long periods of time. Pregnant women are often affected by leg spider veins because their enlarged uterus is a cause of extreme pressure on the veins located in the lower extremities.

Spider veins, in comparison to more severe, varicose veins, are not a reason for discomfort as largely dilated veins can cause tension and swelling in the legs. Since they do not feel uncomfortable, women affected by spider veins seek treatment for aesthetic reasons, and they often end up tempted to try vitamin K cream treatments.

Vitamin K as a Way to Counteract Unsightly Spider Veins

So, what makes vitamin K a potential eliminating factor of spider veins? Vitamin K promotes blood clotting, and so vitamin K can then be used as means to make the spider veins clot off and thus disappear.

Even though vitamin K works as a good blood clotting agent when taken orally, applying vitamin K creams to eliminate leg spider veins is ineffective because the beneficial ingredients of a cream cannot penetrate the skin well enough or in high enough concentrations to be capable of achieving positive results against spider veins.

So if vitamin K is not worth trying, what other options to people have in order to make leg spider veins disappear? Two great remedies for spider veins are laser treatment and sclerotherapy. The latter is done by injecting a solution into the veins that makes them collapse and then disappear.

The next form of treatment suitable for small spider veins is performed by using a high energy laser beam that minimizes the size of the vein, causing it to become invisible. The procedure may sting a bit although there are no needles involved. In addition, these treatments do not last long, in fact they only take about 15-20 minutes to be completed.

The above-mentioned treatments are clearly a lot more expensive than vitamin K creams, yet the results are far more advantageous than wasting your money on lotions that are not efficient.



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