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Vitamin C Skin Care

Vitamin C skin care products are thought of as amazing as they contain the ingredient that will fight off the effects of aging and will also ward off facial lines.

Vitamin C Skin Care Issues

However, the key factor in its use in skin care is referred to augmenting the production of collagen which is a structure within the skin. Vitamin C is also used in skin care because of its ability to fight the "free radicals" that are harmful to the skin.

Problems with Vitamin C

Vitamin C products are encountering an important problem these days. This is due to the fact that oxidation occurs very quickly in Vitamin C skin care products.

When they come into connection with any corrosive factor, such as air, then the Vitamin C in the products is oxidized; this turns the Vitamin C skin care product's color into a yellow to brown color and the product is rendered ineffective.

You should always check Vitamin C products before buying them to make sure that they aren't old stock as this may have already happened.

Once you have purchased the product, taken it home and used it, you must ensure that you store it correctly and do keep a checking on its appearance regularly.

If it starts to turn in color to yellow or brown, then it is no longer effective and needs throwing out.

The makers of these products have long tried to combat this oxidation effect but to no avail.

One way that they have tried is to maintain an elevated Vitamin C content; the problem with this is that it increases the price of the products even more.

They are quite costly to start with and to increase the price even more would be to price them out of the market altogether.

Vitamin C Solutions

Researchers continually place Vitamin C research high on their list of priorities though and have come up with another way around the problem.

They tried using Vitamin C replacements such as ascorbyl, palmitate and other such products; these are not only more reliable, but they are less expensive.

Unfortunately they do not perform as well as Vitamin C, but they last longer and it is claimed that they have less irritant qualities.

Vitamin C - Not Always the Answer

Although Vitamin C is proclaimed as being very effective in its fight against the effects of aging, not everyone responds to them and some really get very little in the way of results from Vitamin C products anyway.

This is not necessarily the fault of the product but can just be your skin that isn't responding to it in the way that manufacturers predict that it should.

Research will continue into this fascinating subject and maybe one day we will be able to purchase Vitamin C products that will not only be effective, but that will also guarantee longer lasting results.

Only time will tell what is next for the Vitamin C skin care market.

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Published January 27, 2012 Updated April 4, 2012