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A Guide to the C Vitamin

Everyone it seems has heard about the c vitamin and its benefits to our health, what is not as widely known is that this vitamin works wonders for our beauty routines as well!

The c vitamin is regularly added to skin care products as it is widely believed to reduce the signs of wrinkles, and we all know that regardless of our age, we do not want to show the signs of it through fine lines.

Also, beauty products containing the c vitamin aid our bodies in increasing the amount of collagen it produces. This is important because collagen has numerous beneficial roles within our bodies.

These functions include keeping our organs in the places that they belong, as well as healing the various cuts and injuries that we sustain.

The c vitamin is so detrimental to us because we actually need it within our bodies for more than three hundred different tasks. Besides all of this, the c vitamin has been shown to aid in the prevention of heart disease, cancer and various other serious illnesses.

Other vitamins and minerals that we take, are absorbed in part because of the help they receive from the c vitamin. For example, both folic acid and iron use the c vitamin to make the most of their use for the body. Cold and other common illnesses are thwarted in part by the c vitamin. Although it will not stop a person from taking on a virus, it can speed up the time in which it effects us and how quickly we recover.

Vitamin C Sources

Practically every fruit and vegetable will contain the c vitamin, although of course some have higher amounts than others do. Melons and cranberries are very high in the c vitamin with tropical fruits having the greatest content of all. If you are looking for vegetables rich in the c vitamin, focus on peppers, and the hotter the pepper, the higher the amount of c vitamin that it contains.

Be careful when boiling your vegetables as the c vitamin is water soluble meaning you can actually boil the vitamin right out of your meal. Rather, try to steam or even stir fry your vegetables to maximize the goodness you get from them. If you make certain that you have five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, you will be getting your daily amount of the c vitamin easily. This again however, means eating them raw, steamed or cooked very quickly.

Although you can get your daily need of the c vitamin through a balanced diet, if you have trouble consuming the necessary amount, a supplement will make sure your getting as much of this vitamin as you should be. The c vitamin is also an excellent choice for those who find themselves incredibly tired and or lethargic.


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Vitamin C Body

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