Virgin Gorda Baths, Bath In Nature's Wonder

baths of virgin gordaImagine if your bathtub was in a slightly more open space, for instance.the British Virgin Islands!

On one of the particularly beautiful islands called Virgin Gorda, there is a very unique geological formation. It consists of gigantic boulders formed along the shoreline. These boulders may be evidence of a past volcanic eruption and they are quite breathtaking to behold.

In fact, they are among the biggest tourist attractions on Virgin Gorda. The formation is unusually large and the largest of the monstrous boulders is about forty feet long!

These rocks form the Virgin Gorda Baths, one of the most beautiful attractions in the British Virgin Islands.

One of the most beautiful things about the Virgin Gorda Baths is the way they are formed.

The rocks create tranquil pools and areas that are wonderful for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Hidden among the Baths are secret beaches which are created by the formation, giving playful honeymooners a private place to search for, or providing a chance for a family to explore the territory.

They also create tunnels, scenic grottoes which are open to the sea and even arches.

The tallest person could walk under the 'arches' and have more than enough room to stand up straight.

virgin gorda bathsIn fact, in some areas, if the tallest person were doubled or even tripled in height, he would still have more than enough room to stand up straight.

Different nooks and crannies within the magnificent formation of rocks create private little pool areas that are peaceful and beautiful.

Tourists can explore the private places within the Baths and enjoy the quiet and peaceful areas, whether they are taking a few minutes of down time or snorkeling to discover a colorful underwater world.

Many tourists love to try out their grace and 'rock hiking abilities' by climbing the Baths in order to reach the beach area on the other side.

Often choppy, the turquoise water crashes against the rocks that are closest, leaving shining foam to dry on the Baths. At the top of the hill, a very appropriate restaurant sits, called 'the Top of the Baths!'

With a bar and patio, the Top of the Baths has almost unreal looking views which are priceless to behold.

Virgin Gorda is a very slow-paced island and it's said that time is different there. Tourists are told and then realize later that no matter where they go, they will end up lingering.


Settling in to the relaxed pace is very easy to do, as time seems to slow down and natives aren't rushing around glancing at their watches. One great tip for tourists who are visiting the Baths is to devote an entire day to them, or at least one entire afternoon.

The Baths are not one of those places you can shoot over to and explore in an hour. To experience the true beauty, you need several hours to explore, discover and be delighted. One of the most beautiful places in the world, an excited traveler shouldn't leave the Virgin Gorda Baths off of his list of places to see!

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