Vintage Style Victory Rolls ~ Cassie Style!

vintage style victory rolls cassieI guess I'm what you would call "rockabilly" but i just wanna look the way my grandma did in her 20s. I find a lot of people have problems doing these hairstyles. My mom is a hair dresser for a big time salon in my city and even she can't do it.

The best way to go about it is get used to rolling your hair in directions your not used to. I found a curling iron helps or hot rollers once you get better at it.

Use hairspray to control flyaways but don't get crazy with it. After style is done, to keep overnight I recommend buying a snood.

Just keep playing with it. use lots of bobby pins, and remember, women used to do this style with pipe cleaners because bobby pins were non existent and because everything went to the war effort. have fun!!
Vintage Style Victory Rolls ~ Cassie


Comments On Cassies Style

"Very cool - you have the essential essence of the style going on. I'm sure that perhaps you meant your grandmother was in HER 20's, because that is definitely a 40's WWII vintage hairstyle. Love the era, and the history and all the trappings that came with it, hairstyles included! It looks good on you."

"That is soooo cute! I probably wouldn't do it like that on me...but that looks INCREDIBLE on you!!!!"

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Vintage Style Victory Rolls

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Vintage Style Victory Rolls

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