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Vintage Cat Eye

Cat Eye Makeup Dita Von Teese

A vintage cat eye is one of favorite makeup looks of today's pinip girl. There is nothing quite as universally flattering and super chic and stylish as classic retro cat eyes.

A Bombshell's Fave

It’s a look that was made famous by bombshell Brigitte Bardot and waifish Audrey Hepburn alike, and can be dressed up or down to be infinitely wearable for modern pin-up girls as well.

Pin-up eye makeup is largely defined by a well-drawn swipe of winged eye liner and a carefully contoured lid.

Begin by prepping the eye with a dab of shadow primer, like Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance or the NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer.

Apply with your ring finger by gently patting all over the eyelid.

Getting A Wide Eyed Look

To achieve a wide-eyed look, apply a neutral shadow all over the lid up to the brow – you can play it safe with a matte off-white or go a bit more glitzy with slightly shimmery pinky beige (Urban Decay’s Sin is a great choice).

A bit of vanilla shimmer extended into the inner corners is an old Hollywood standby for making eyes pop.

To accentuate the cat eye shape, blend a bit of a darker shade into the outer crease.

Try a soft taupe for a more classic look, or a smokier charcoal or chocolate for a sexier, more dramatic finish.

Once the shadow is complete, it’s time for liner. That winged cat-eye can be intimidating to both the beauty novice as well as some long-time makeup aficionados, but have no fear!

With just a few little tips, you’ll be lining a vintage cat eye like a pro in no time.

How To Do Cat Eyes

Choose Your Weapons

A potted gel liner (Stila Smudge Pots and MAC Fluidlines have great staying power and apply smoothly) with a slightly bent, skinny brush is the training wheels combo of cat eyes.

Start at the inner corner of eyes, and, rather than jumping in with a solid line right away, lightly apply dashes right along your upper lash line until just before you reach the outer corner.

Then, with eyes open, draw your wing at an angle that meets up with the natural curve of your lower eyelid.

If you have any trouble, a cotton swab dipped in a bit of eye makeup remover will allow you to start over as necessary.

Once you’ve gotten your desired flick, go back in and connect the dashes with a smoothed out line, starting thinner in the inner corner and gradually thickening up on your way to the outer edge. Voila!

Vintage Cat Eye Makeup Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese's Vintage Cat Eye

Your lower lid can be lightly lined in a taupey shadow with an angle brush, or the wing can be pulled down to the lower outer corner for a bit of extra oomph.

And if you’d like to go super traditional, a bit of white or flesh colored liner in the lower waterline makes eyes appear larger and rounder.

Finish your fabulous pin-up look with several coats of mascara on curled lashes, or be bold with false lashes.

Using False Lashes

A good trick for falsie application is to cut each lash in half, and apply them a half at a time for greater control in the placement.

Set false lashes by curling and then adding a few swipes of mascara to blend them with your natural lashes.

Then get ready to turn heads with every flirtatious bat of your vintage cat eye!

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Vintage Cat Eye
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