Victoria Beckhams New Pixie Cut

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Victoria Beckham has made the pixie cut her own look, and now, with a little bit of time, you can make it yours!

Though she sported a sleek bob for a long time, Victoria Beckhams new pixie cut and new short look is quite well done and is getting her plenty of attention from the photographers.

When you are looking at Victoria Beckham's look, you'll find that there are a few ways to get it for yourself.

First, if you have never gone this short before, rest assured; this is a look that does quite well with a variety of different faces or body types.

While some heavier women believe that they cannot “pull off” a look that is as short as Victoria Beckhams new pixie cut this one, the truth is that it can be quite flattering. It often has the affect of lifting your face and making it look a lot brighter, and it can also lengthen a round face by showing off more of your forehead.

Be bold and see if this is the look that will suit you best!

When you go to get this look, you will find that you should take a picture of Beckham's bob with your hairstylist.

victoria beckhams new pixie cutYou will find that this look is quite versatile, and while it is shaped fairly uniformly in the back, the side-swept bangs can be a lot of fun to style on your own. You can also modify this look a bit and get shorter bangs, or bangs that fall to your chin for a wonderfully angular look.

In this case, you will find that Beckham's adorable pixie cut can be easily maintained with a comb, a bit of hair gel and routine maintenance, with the most attention paid to the last part.

Many women are delighted with this look but find that after a few weeks, it looks off or a little shaggy.

When you think about the fact that most people have hair that grows at a rate of half an inch per month, it doesn't seem so much until you realize how much difference half an inch of hair can make to this style.

Get a hair cut once a month or every six weeks to keep this look going sharp.

This pixie cut is one that places a lot of focus on sharp and sleek, and interestingly enough, one thing to avoid when you are going for this is washing your hair too much. When you wash your hair, you are stripping all of the oils out of it, and leaving it fluffy and flyaway. While this is definitely cute, remember that it is not the look that you are going for here.

In the morning, you can take your pick between mousse for a more natural look or gel for a sharper appearance. If you wash your hair, pat it dry rather than rubbing it to prevent frizz and puffiness and then use a wide toothed comb to get the product distributed through your hair.

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Victoria Beckhams New Pixie Cut

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