Very Short Haircuts For Men ~ Kevin Bacon Style

mens very short haircutsThe hair fashions of the modern day have seen men sporting more variations of hairstyles than ever before. Although trendy looks may be in for guys, there are still those who prefer men’s very short haircuts.

Hollywood heartthrob Kevin Bacon is a fine example of how to wear a fantastic men's very short haircut with style and class. It should also be noted that these men's cuts are anything but dull and drab.

If anything, men’s haircuts like Kevin Bacon’s are a great way to showoff your facial features.

Men’s very short cuts do hold the distinction of being beyond easy to style and care for which is just another bonus!

If there are any downsides at all to this men’s popular style, it would have to be that they require regular trims to keep in top shape and form.

Although old school barber shops are still around and there are guys who frequent them for very short clips there is no shame at all in visiting a stylist in a beauty salon either.

You may think it is just as simple as walking in and asking for a man’s very short cut, however, there is definitely more to it than that.


Shorter Haircuts Kevin Bacon Style

It is not a complex process to acquire very short hair but there are some things that you will want to decide on before hand or together with whoever will be cutting your hair.

For starters, when seeking out a haircut like Kevin Bacon’s, you will need to decide what type of neckline that you would like your cut to have. You can choose between a blocked or tapered neckline depending on your preference.

You will need to determine which type of arch you want your haircut to incorporate as well. An arch is the way that the hair is cut around your ears. You want your arch to compliment your natural ear shape.

Even with men’s very short hair, bangs are an essential factor too. Kevin Bacon hairstyle has his bangs short and clipped so that they are gently spiked upwards.

Other men however will have a slight bang that goes to either side or combed down. These cuts can also work with layers if that is something you are interested in.

Layers can give your men’s very short haircut a little more volume, style and flair. It is also the cutting in of layers that will offer you the slightly messy look like the one Kevin Bacon has. Numerous men’s very short haircut’s make use of clippers to take the hair down to a very short level.

Keep communication open with your stylist so that you can both agree on what guard is used on your hair so it ends up being the length that you are looking for. Kevin Bacon’s cropped style is a cinch to style and is great looking enough to wear anyplace you need to be.


Easy And Fast Style Steps

style steps After washing and towel drying your hair, work a dab of medium hold styling gel throughout your locks.

style steps Direct your hair where you want it to go with your fingers or a comb

style steps Allow to dry naturally

mens very short haircuts

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Very Short Haircuts

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