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At the top of the hair styles gallery list for manageability, versatility, and style is the very short hair style. The many variations of this short hair style and how it transforms to any age group has it fast becoming a very popular hair style for the very trendy 2007.

Sharon Stone caught everyone's eye wearing a very short hair style, the short style emphasized her beautiful blue gray eyes and her flawless complexion. Meg Ryan is another fan of the very short hair style,styling from very sexy to very cute and then back again.

The very short hair style has been slow to come into vogue, adding more wearers each year for the past fifty years to be exact This hot new fashion trend is now at the forefront and the odds are good, there it will remain.

The very short hair can be used beautifully to express your personal style, this shorter hair style can be worn funky and very out there, polished and chic, or for the romantic, feminine and softer.



Very Short Hair Styles Gallery
How Do You Choose A Very Short Hair Style?

To choose a very short hair style use your overall appearance and style as a guide rather than your age.
Using your age, may keep you in a fashion rut. As with any style or cut, it can look just amazing on an older woman, but not the best choice for a younger woman and visa virsa.

As always it depends on your individual features and coloring.

Fashion sense also needs to come into play, we know you would not choose separated spikes if your choice of dress was the more romantic with frill and lace.


Very Short Hair Styles Gallery
Very Short Hair To Flatter Your Face

Know your face shape to know your short hair style, as all woman simply can not all wear the same cut and hair style, you will find the one that suits you the best. If you have always wanted to try very short or at least short hair, you will be surprised at how many will look great on you.

We have one of these six basic face shapes: oval, heart, round, square Oblong, or triangular.

Each of these shapes are beautiful for their own reasons, but the one we seem to think is ideal: is the oval.

If you are a round face shape and your goal is to have your face appear more oval, wear your favorite short hair style bringing layers of hair forward onto your cheekbones and adding needed height in your bangs.
This create the illusion of a more oval facial shape.

Working with a skilled stylist who can suggest variations for your facial shape and who has the trained eye to know what will best compliment your individual features is really the best route to go.

As well, your stylist can show you any special styling techniques or products used to re create the salon style at home.

Do be prepared for frequent salon visits to maintain your very short hair style. Normal health hair can grow as much as one half inch peach month, regular trims will be needed.

And, if your personal style and you personality can carry it of, use color and texture to add al the funk and fun you want.

Viewing picture in the Very Short Hair Style Gallery will let you see the many variations of the style and the diverse range of models wearing them .....

Enjoy the Very Short Hair Styles Gallery!



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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery

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