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It is a color change, rather than a cut, that is your easiest way to create a change and still leave you with the choice to reverse it. The cut is more permanent as it grows out slowly, at a little more than half an inch a month.

Gently does it If you like the idea of changing your image but just cannot get enough courage to go for a reinvention, try a few subtle temporary changes first.

Ask your stylist to blow-dry your hair in a new way and if you have naturally  curly hair, get them to blow-dry it straight:

if  you normally wear it forwards, framing your face, ask them to style it away from your face: or have it set in curlers to create gentle waves.

If you always wear your hair loose ask your hairstylist for a new way of pinning it up: or simply try parting it a different way.


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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2

You could even have a semi-permanent color rinse that will wash out in a few weeks.

All of these can help make you look and feel different without committing your self-to a radical change that may take years to reverse. If you are considering cutting your long tresses, trying on a few short-styled wigs before can help you imagine how you will look in short hair.

You can also do this if you are thinking of growing out a short haircut, use hairpieces, or wigs to see the look and to see if you like the feel of longer hair.

You also need to make sure you are ready for the change and not let anyone push you into anything that will not make you happy. If this is not your decision, there is a good chance, you will not be happy.

Also, consider the upkeep of short hair. Will your new look be easy or an effort for you to style yourself each day? Will short hair fit in with your lifestyle? How versatile do you need the style it to be? You also need to know how often you will need to revisit your hairstylist to keep your short do looking great.

When you are considering going for an image makeover look through plenty of the beauty and fashion magazines to find as many pictures as you can of hairstyles and hair colors that you like. Browsing through the hairstyles Gallery is also great inspiration.

You will want to take your selections with you to the hairdressers and your stylist can then help you decide what from each look suits you, your hair type, and your lifestyle.

That way you can create a unique look that is yours. Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2 Vive La Change So if you are flirting with the idea of having a short hairstyle try thinking of moving towards it in stages rather than going for a drastic cut with the scissors all at once.

You could change from your one-length long hair to a layered Rachel cut, then a shoulder length bob, or a sexy layered “rock chic” style.

You could then try the popular messed up Meg Ryan look allowing enough length to go shorter yet. Gradual change is experimental and will give you time to play ideas out. You can safely find out which styles and cuts suit your face and your personality best. Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2 Vive La Change!


Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2


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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2

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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 2

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