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You most likely know a woman who has taken the step and had the big cut. Many times this cut usually when a big life change or ending a relationship.

Cutting your long hair short is liberation and, perhaps considering how some men can prize long hair; it is a form of emancipation from their - his ideals. A “take that haircut.”

Bravery connected to your dramatic new look as well. Your change of a cut or color – or both – can be energizing and rejuvenating for you.

If you thrive on change or if you need a gentle nudge to boost, your courage the following suggestions will help you decide if a short haircut is right for you.





Very Short Hair Styles

Considerations For Very Short Hair

You may be a woman who gets a real buzz from rejuvenating yourself or you may take the more cautious approach, either way do not do anything rash.

Think carefully about your new look, consider all the choices and ask advice from your stylist. Seriously consider this decision to cut off four years worth of your hairs length.

You need to think about why you want to make this dramatic change. Remember your short haircut will not bring a lover or make the world right again. However, it might help restore your confidence, perk up your mood, and give you a much-needed lift.

Are you prepared to change your wardrobe and makeup to adapt to your dramatic new hairstyle? For example, if you are a naturally a brunette with shoulder length hair, having a short blond crop will affect your face color and different clothes may now suit you better.

Do not try to copy someone else’s style exactly. This never works successfully for any woman. Find a style or cut that inspires you, then, with the help of your stylist, make it your own style. It is important to choose a flexible hairstyle. You may love your new spiky crop when it has just done, but will it be get boring after the early impact has worn off. Part Two >>>>


Very Short Hairstyles Gallery 1


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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery

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Very Short Hair Styles Gallery 1

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