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Modern Medium Hairstyle For a 30+ Woman

In the 1960s, medium length styles usually involved a rigid, over-sprayed helmet look. The versatile medium hairstyles of today are softer, being layered, lighter and much more natural looking.

versatile medium hairstyleThey are also very versatile and can be flicked up at the ends for a casual look or curled or put up for a more glamorous look. Medium length hair is manageable and long enough to tie back if you want it out of the way.

There is no reason why a woman past fifty years old should necessarily have short hair. This medium length style is gentle and complementary to the more mature woman.

Medium hair styles suit everyone although, depending on face shape, the style can be a little longer or shorter and perhaps have some layers cut into it.

The bangs which are swept to one side flatter expression lines and the hair flicked up around the jaw can cleverly disguise a dropping jaw line.

With a medium length style, there is not an excess of hair to overpower the facial features but there is enough to enhance them.

This cut can be razor chipped at the ends to encourage movement and is cut in a one length layer. It suits a woman with an oval, oblong, square, diamond or heart shaped face and looks best with medium or thick hair. This cut should be trimmed every four to six weeks to keep it looking sharp.

Slices of color can liven up this style and lowlights and highlights look great with it. A brown medium length cut looks good with caramel highlights through it and a blonde cut looks good with lighter blonde highlights. Medium length hair looks more interesting with more than one color. Light hair colors are more flattering to an older woman than dark ones, unless the complexion is very pale, in which case brown or auburn can look good


How to Style Our Featured Medium Length Cut

style steps If your hair is poker straight, you can flick up the ends when drying it or use a curling tong on the ends of the hair but this hairstyle will automatically fall into place if your hair has a natural wave to it.
style steps If you want to add more body, to limp hair, apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry it with a medium radial brush, blow drying the back, sides, crown and then the bangs.
style steps Wax your hair at the back and sides and then use some to smooth the bangs. Smoothing shine adds a glossy finish and hair spray keeps this style looking fresh.

You can use lacquer on this style instead of hair spray if you prefer. If your hair is naturally fine, you can blow dry your hair from the back with your head bend forward, to encourage lift.

If you are looking for a versatile haircut which is easy to manage, this medium length cut could be just the ticket. Depending on the texture of your hair, this will be a low maintenance style or one which needs virtually no styling at all to look great. Your hairstyle expresses your individuality and this cut is versatile enough to be creative with it and wear it in a variety of different ways.
Enjoy Versatile Medium Hairstyles


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Versatile Medium Hairstyles

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Versatile Medium Hairstyles

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