Vanity Makeup Tables

You'll see vanity makeup tables in just about movie that features a glamorous woman, and you'll see them in the bedrooms of normal women, young and old. Vanities are typically defined as a dressing table with a mirror attached, but the truth is, they can be a great deal more for a woman who is looking to make sure that both she and her living space look their best.

Antique Vanity Makeup Table

While vanity makeup tables are very useful and functional pieces of furniture, you'll find that they have a long history of being one of the primary decorative focal points of a room.

You can use a vanity to complement an existing scheme or your vanity can be the piece of furniture that you plan an entire room around!  During the 1600's, vanity makeup tables were small tables with two or three drawers.

They were a common piece of furniture in bedrooms and in dressing rooms, much as they are today, and during this time, there was also some pains taken to to conceal the drawers when not in use. 

At that time, there were some truly ingenious means undertaken to hide the drawers and make them just one more fancy embellishment. There was one lovely design that gave the vanity folding tops, where the mirror could be folded up for use and then folded back down and serve as a table top. 

There was even a built-in reservoir for washing water that could be filled to allow makeup to be removed more easily. Many of the special compartments that this design contained were filled with things that would be very familiar to a modern person, including powder boxes razors, hair oil, combs, tweezers and toothbrushes.

Vanity Furniture For  Bedroom And Bath

During the days of Colonial America, the dressing table was known as a lowboy, and they were required equipment for any well-bred person of means. They were often small, spindly stands that had a bench, where you could sit and have full access to a small mirror as well as various drawers that would hold your personal items.

The lowboy was used by both men and women, and it would be used to apply powder to their face, and in many cases, to check their white wigs before they left the private rooms.

By the Victorian era, the vanity was an important part of daily life for the well-to-do woman. This was where she prepared herself and was dressed for her day, and the vanity itself become a symbol of a woman's concern over her appearance and her grooming.

The average Victorian woman's vanity might contain a series of powder boxes and brushes, as well as elegantly fluted perfume bottles that contained scents from around the world. During this era, many vanities were made out of luxuriously expensive woods, including mahogany and rosewood, and claw feet and mirrors that were bordered with elaborate designs were the norm. 

This style was a little reduced during the early part of the twentieth century due to the fact that straight lines and rectangles were in vogue, but with the 1920's and the Art Nouveau movement, there was a return to elegant curves and fanciful designs. 

The Glamour Of 1950

By the 1950's, thanks to pictures from Hollywood movies, and on the set pictures of Hollywood stars, the image of the dressing table with a mirror lined with lights was the picture of elegance and glamour and many girls and women took the opportunity to pose and preen in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Some metal dressing tables and vanity makeup tables were seeing popularity, and the pieces that were from this era tended to have a more simple, utilitarian look.  This may well have been when the familiar set up of one large and shallow middle drawer flanked by deeper drawers along each side become so popular.

Today, when you think of a vanity, you'll find yourself reminded of many things. There is still a sense of glamour around these pieces of furniture, and more than that, there is a sense that it is something that is just for you. 

In the past, women considered their vanities their private territory, a place that their husbands and children had no business in. There was a strong sense of “beauty secrets” and putting in a lot of effort to look their best.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that for many women, this was a lovely quiet moment in their day, when they would sit down at their vanity and prepare themselves.

For a woman who was constantly on the go, whether it was to do charitable works or to look after her children, a little bit of quiet time that was just for her was quite precious, and there are many modern women who would definitely agree!

If you are looking for a vanity for yourself or for a daughter or female relative, you'll find that you have a huge variety to choose from. A vanity can set the whole tone for the room it's in, so think about what effect you want to have. 

If you are looking to select a vanity, make sure that you select the right one for you. This is a great way to express your taste and your personality, so take some time to choose the perfect vanity!

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