Vanessa Williams Hairstyle, A Curly Bob For Black Hair

vanessa williams black curly locksAs a former Beauty Queen, it is not very shocking that Vanessa Williams has enticing looks. Regardless of how Vanessa Williams wears her hair, this singer and actress always appears striking.












This is very evident when she was photographed with her locks in this carefree, curly, hairstyle that is somewhat of a Bob cut.

Even though Vanessa Williams hairstyle is usually worn long, straight and layered, she made an incredible hair fashion choice when she went with this carefree, curly hairstyle. Vanessa’s curls make her large green eyes and sharp facial features stand out in virtual perfection.

If you have an oval, oblong, or heart face shape and the texture of your tresses is medium to thick, you can sport the same carefree curls as Vanessa does. It can be hard to find a spectacular hairstyle that will offer curly locks control yet complete freedom at the same time.

Vanessa Williams hairstyle is carefree, curly, Bob based hairstyle that will provide you with all of that and more. With its long layers, this hairstyle will offer you body, bounce and flexible curls that do exactly what you want them to. Styling this curly Bob based hairstyle does not take very long- once you have your curls in place that is.

So, it is wise to be aware that women with naturally curly hair will have the easiest time creating a look like this. Next in line would be ladies with wave in their tresses followed lastly by those with straight hair.You can achieve Vanessa Williams hairstyle no matter what kind of hair that you have - it will just take a longer amount of time the straighter that your locks are.

If you already have a head full of ravishing curls, it should only take you approximately ten minutes or so to have your tresses in place. With a blow-dryer, some gel and sculpture lotion you have everything you need to form the same style as Vanessa Williams has.

The more straight that your hair is, the longer creating this curly, carefree, Bob based hairstyle will take. You will have to factor is how long it will take you to curl your locks into the overall styling time.

Easy Styling Steps - Vanessa Williams Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After washing and toweling dry your tresses gently, work in a small amount of moisturizer evenly throughout your hair. Avoid the roots as this can weigh down your hair.
Style Hair Steps Right after this, work a dab of sculpture lotion evenly through your hair to help hold your style. Sculpture lotion is an alternative product to mousse or gel for numerous women.
Style Hair Steps Use a comb or a pick to style your hair as desired.
Style Hair Steps Bend at the waist and while upside down, dry your locks with the setting on low. Remember to use a diffuser attachment and scrunch your hair while drying. Stop before your tresses are fully dry, as you want a touch of moisture to remain.
Style Hair Steps Rub gel between your hands and with your fingers scrunch your curls carefully.
Style Hair Steps When satisfied, mister with a fine amount of hair spray around your head for hold.

Enjoy Vanessa Williams Hairstyle!

vanessa williams curly bob hairstyle
Vanessa Williams Hairstyle
Hairstyle Tips

Love Your Natural Curl
To save time and to avoid stressing yourself out, work with your natural hair type, not against it.

Product Overload
Overloading your hair with too much product is one of the fastest ways to ruin a newly created hairstyle. For a simple, basic style, a small amount of product is all that is needed and it does go a long way.

To avoid adding too much, apply small amounts of product until you have achieved the look and hold that you want and then stop

Choosing New Styles.
Try, before you cut or color with virtual hairstyling. You may just surprise yourself with a new style on yourself you normally would not have considered.

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