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Valerian Root, A soothing natural sleep aid for anxiety-related sleep problems.

Valerian root flowers in the late spring and is found in high pastures and dry heath land in the wild.

When used for medicinal purposes, the main parts utilized are the roots and rhizomes. These are usually harvested in September and then are dried to make the herbal product, which can be readily found.

One plus to valerian root is that it does not have to be taken on a regular basis to be effective as a natural sleep aid.

With many other herbal sleep aids, your body needs to ingest them daily to build up a slow and steady effect over time.

However, to see the best results, valerian root should typically be used for about one month to produce the desired results. When used on a regular basis, valerian root will encourage deep relaxation and a natural form of sleep.

There have been studies conducted that suggest that valerian is the finest natural resolution for insomnia and general sleeplessness for the majority of people.

Valerian Root Insomnia Sleep Aid
Research by P.D. Leatherwood, Ph.D., and F. Chauffard, Ph.D., at Nestlé Research Laboratories in Switzerland, determined that a 450-mg dose of valerian in an aqueous extract is the best possible dose as an insomnia treatment.

This is because a higher dose than that can result in a person left feeling sleepy yet does not increase the effectiveness of the root. For this reason, one should be cautious when dispensing valerian as a treatment for insomnia.

A study done in 1982 where Leatherwood and colleagues performed a double-blind crossover study of 128 subjects, found valerian root to be useful as a sedative for insomnia, and also successful in improving the overall quality of sleep in the people tested.

Valerian Root Insomnia Effects
The way that valerian will effect the body is comparable to the effect of benzodiazepine, which is an active ingredient in Valium™.

However, it does not have the dreary effects or day after weariness that can be associated with taking Valium.

Valerian is often prescribed as a soothing natural sleep aid and generally suggested for treating a number of anxiety-related sleep problems.

Valerian is unlike some other commonly prescribed sleep medications in that it is completely nontoxic, does not damage the ability to drive or operate heavy machinery, and it does not embellish the effects of alcohol.

Studies have shown that valerian can act as a belated stimulant for some people although this does depend on their body chemistry.

In the case of certain metabolic conditions, the effect is one of originally soothing them only to cause a burst of energy several hours later.

This is not an effect preferred by those people who are interested in using valerian as a natural nighttime sleeping remedy.

If you wish to avoid a reaction like this, some professional herbalists advise taking fresh valerian root extract instead of extract from dried valerian.
Valerian Root Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders

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Valerian Root Insomnia Treatment

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Valerian Root Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders

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