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Using Powdered Blush

Yes, you can still be using powdered blush. Older women all have the tendency to look pale and gaunt, especially if they do not take the habit of wearing makeup to look groomed and well-maintained.

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There seems to be an unwritten rule about how women should stop using makeup when they reach 60. However, this rule is complete nonsense and women, young and old, should always make it a point to look their best in order to feel great and live life to the fullest. If you face the problem of pale cheeks because of old age, you can easily use powdered blush for older women.

These specially made blush-ons are created with hues that are best for older women. The colors of the blush-on are often soft shades of pink and earth tones and are made to suit all skin types and colors. There are many ways on how to apply powdered blush for older women, four of which are listed below. To know which type of blush application will work best for you, read on.

Blush with the Brush

According to makeup tradition, the best way to apply powdered blush-ons is to use the standard cheekbone brush. This brush has fine hairs whose end is shaped like the bottom of a rounded flask. To apply blush-on using a brush, you have to sweep the brush lightly along the surface of the blush-on 2-3 times. Apply the blush by starting from your cheek bones and brushing diagonally upwards toward your temples. The concentration of color should be on your cheek bones, with a faint and fading diagonal line towards the temples that would help create a high-cheekbone look.

Blush in Powder Liquid Form

The most convenient way of using powdered blush for older women is to opt for the powdered blush that can be applied in liquid form. This is still a powdered blush-on in the sense that the mixture dries up and leaves a powdery finish, in contrast with liquid blushers that appear tinted when dried.

To apply liquid powdered blush-on, smear your cheek bones with a small dot of the powdered liquid and spread the color diagonally toward the temples using the fingertips of your index and middle finger. In case you have applied too much blush-on, you can easily tone down the color by using neutral colored face powder. This type of blush-on dries easily and is very convenient to use because you do not need to bring a brush with you for touchups.

Blush and Your Fingertips

The youngsters' way of applying blush-on is, by far, the most practical. Using compact blush on, dab the fingertips of your index and middle fingers and smear the color onto your cheeks. Using powdered blush this way is as convenient as liquid blush-ons in the sense that you no longer need to worry about bringing too much with you too.

There are specially-formulated powdered blush for older women that can be applied using the fingertips with ease and without the sticky feeling you can get from liquid powdered blushers. If you want to be an old, but on-the-go woman, this type of blush-on is best for you.

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Published June 1, 2011

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