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Using Makeup Color

Using Makeup Color

Using Color in Your Makeup

Using makeup color is something that you should not be afraid of, because any color can help accentuate your beauty when used correctly. This article will teach you some tricks in using color in your makeup. The focus will be on colors that are unusually used because they do not look that natural when applied. This guide hopes to inspire women into experimenting with color and see how they can beautify themselves more by exploring unusual makeup shades.

Some women find applying makeup as therapeutic and a perfect means to express one's self through art and creativity. To a woman with a makeup palette, the female body is the canvas and the face is the picture that will capture the looks of onlookers, both in real life and in print. However, although makeup is a good way of showing the world an improved version of you, some ladies are just a bit too hesitant with using all the colors that can be found on the spectrum.

lady gaga violet lipstickViolet, Blue, and Yellow Lipstick

Violet, blue, and yellow shades seem to be best-seller eyeshadow colors to many youngsters who match their makeup to their outfit, but are not as frequently used when they are hues of a lipstick.

Lady Gaga may seem to be the only person who can wear violet lipstick and get away with it, but that is not actually the case. Regardless of how outrageous the color is, there is one trick that can help you wear any color and look good in it.

The technique is called lip-brushing. In lipsticks where the color is strong, never apply the color directly from the stick. Instead, use a lip brush to control the amount of color and thickness that you apply on your lips.

Finish with a shimmer or gloss and match it up to your great outfit. A subdued version of the lip color that matches an outfit will look great, even if it is yellow, green, or orange in color

Using Colored Mascara

The stereotypical brown or black mascaras are pretty much effective in adding emphasis to the eyes while adding to the length of eyelashes, so why do we need to experiment with colored mascara? The experiment of using makeup color is not confined to experimenting only with eyeshadow and lipstick shades. Colored mascara can look good when used correctly, especially if it complements the color of your eyes.

If you have blue-violet eyes, you can use black mascara to add length to your lashes then color the eyelash tips with blue or violet colored mascara to accentuate the look. Your friends and members of the opposite sex cannot help but feel mesmerized and continue to look on, trying to determine what made you look so attractive and interesting.

Glittery Eyeshadows

Using glitter with your eyeshadows is the third rule in the "using makeup color" experiment. Do not hesitate to add glitters on your eyeshadows because it helps accentuate the eyes. Using makeup color does not mean that you only have to focus on the colors per se; it means that you should also experiment with using unusual makeup tools to determine how they can make you look better.

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Published June 2, 2011

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