Using Lip Gloss Can Help You Look Youthful And Vibrant

Mature women seem to be accustomed to lipstick instead of using lip gloss, especially the matte lipstick-type.

Lip gloss is usually left to be used by younger ladies such as teenagers.

The sparkling and shimmering texture of the lip gloss does not seem to fit the makeup used by mature women, as it is regarded to be too youthful and vibrant.

However, there is no rule that prohibits mature women from using lip gloss. It is just about finding the right makeup that will make mature women appear appropriate and even appealing.

After all, mature women can look as youthful and vibrant as they wish, and men (especially their husbands) will not complain at all.

This article will discuss how lip gloss for mature women in clear and colored forms can be used in different makeup styles.

Clear Lip Gloss

Using lip gloss that is clear can be used by mature women for makeup styles worn during the day. For that natural day; look, going for earth tones can be a breeze if you are using clear lip gloss with a matte earth-tone lipstick.

Using glossy lipstick may be too much for mature women during the day because it will excessively gain attention from people and can make you appear too desperate to look young.

Lip gloss with matte lipstick can give you the right amount of shimmer without looking as if you have dabbed your lips on a plate full of glitter. Here is how to get the look:

After brushing your teeth, rub your lips with petroleum jelly to remove dirt and dead skin cells to encourage smooth skin on your lips.

Remove petroleum jelly by gently rubbing it with tissue. Use a vitamin gloss as a primer to help your lips look naturally healthy even without lipstick.

Apply an earth-toned matte lipstick on your lips by using a lip brush. Do not directly apply the lipstick on your lips because it will coat your lips too thickly.

After applying matte lipstick on your upper and lower lips, smack both lips to even out the matte color on them.

Gently apply your clear lip gloss over the matte lipstick.

Because your clear lip gloss will help keep your lip color the whole day (even through a lunch meal or coffee break) the only touchup you need is reapplying the clear lip gloss once every four hours.

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Using Colored Lip Gloss

Using lip gloss that is colored lip gloss can be used day and night because this is a convenient way of looking fresh and natural without worrying about touch-ups every hour or so.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 of "how to apply clear lip gloss".

Choose a colored lip gloss that echoes the color theme of your makeup (brown or spicy red-orange for earth, pink for "summer" look, and deep red for the mature look)

Coat the bottom lip with colored lip gloss. Spread the lip gloss onto the upper lip by smacking both lips.

Remove lip gloss that has exceeded your lip line by using the corner of a folded tissue.

Let the lip gloss dry nicely by facing a fan that is turned on for 2-3 minutes.

Going out with wet lip gloss, especially if it is colored, may ruin your look if hair sticks on it.

Colored Lip Gloss For Mature Women

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 17 , 2015

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