Using Fruit Facials To Get Great Looking Skin


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Your Skin And Your Wallet Benefit From A Fruit Facial

Using fruit facials is both easy and economical. There are so many different fruity recipes that you can use to get that skin you have always dreamed of without having to spend a small fortune on chemical filled ingredients.

How many times have you sat down with the girls and talked about your current skin care regimes? Have you noticed how often it changes from the products you use to the way that you use them? Whether you are discussing your skin care regimes with your friends or looking for some new hints and tips on how to get better skin or how to save money, you should take a peek at exactly what fresh fruit has to offer you and your skin.

There are so many recipes that you can create using fresh fruit and other ingredients that you might find around your home and kitchen – you could save a small fortune every month by using these homemade creations rather than buying store cosmetics which are not only pricey but contain so many ingredients that you can never really be sure if what you are slapping on your body is going to be good or bad.

The Peach Facial

This is such a simple recipe and one that works so well! As a way to soften the skin and also to tighten it, you just need one peach, a couple of egg whites and some cold water. Peel the peach, take the stone out of the middle and then mash it up with your egg whites until you have a creamy combination that you then apply to the skin that you want to soften and tighten.

You can even use an electric blender if you have one to make the process a bit quicker. Once you have your mixture ready, pop it on your skin and then leave it for as long as you can – preferably around thirty minutes or so and then rinse off with cold water and pat dry.

When you are using fruit facials you make at home, remember as with most fresh fruit recipes, you need to keep this in the fridge for when you need to use it again as long as it has been covered well and for some of the recipes that you find, you can create a large batch and freeze some of it to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible. This is a great money saving tip.

The Apple Facial Mask

If you have average/normal skin with not too many problems and you want to try using fruit facials, you can easily make an apple mask. This is perfect to hydrate the skin especially when you live in harsh weather conditions. Peel and chop down an apple and pop it in a blender with a couple of spoons of honey and then pat it onto your skin.

This mixture will be sticky and you will want to leave it on your face for about thirty minutes before you rinse off with cold water and pat dry. You can even add sugar or oatmeal to this mixture to create an exfoliating solution for next to nothing.
Enjoy, using fruit facials.

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Published August 17, 2011

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