Using Essential Oils For All The Benefits

Six Methods of Using Essential Oils

using essential oilKnowing how to use the different blends of essential oils will help you obtain the benefits of each mixture to the utmost.

The six most common ways to use mixtures and blends of essential oils are inhalation, water, as in your bath, massage, ingestion, topical application, and compresses.

Inhaling Essential Oils

Inhaling essential oils is probably the most common method used in the United States and in areas of Europe where it is called the German method.

To breathe in the aromas you can simply hold the bottle under your nose or add a few drops to a cotton hanky or tissue. You can also add a few drops to your pillow such as lavender to promote sleep or eucalyptus to a steam vaporizer for colds and congestion.

Any electric steam vaporizers do not allow anything other than water in the main receptacle but you can add oils to the opening that releases the steam. Check the instructions that come with your model.

The older method is inhaling over a home steam bath.
Boil water and place in a bowl on a sturdy table
Add a few drops of oil
Sit at the table and drape a towel over your head and the bowel, breathing in the steam.
Use caution as you would with any hot water or steam.

You can breathe in the aroma of the oils by putting a few drops of them on a tissue and inhaling. Or, you could just hold the bottle under your nose for awhile.

Breathing in the vapors of your essential oils is very effective as it stimulates the olfactory system which has a great affect on your brain. Inhaling essential oils helps with any ailment that is primarily associated with the brain such as mood disturbances.

Essential Oils In The Bath

Using essential oils in your bath water solution can treat countless different problems and is one of the most enjoyable ways to use oils as it effects a number of senses at one time Just add a few drops to your bath and soak for at least fifteen minutes to allow the essential oils to enter through your olfactory sense. The oils also absorb into your skin, and then into your bloodstream.

Massage Using Essential Oils

Another popular way to use your oils is the English method of massage. In this method essential oils are dropped into carrier oil and massaged onto various parts of your body and is especially helpful for joint and muscle pain.

Ingesting Essential Oils

The French method of using essential oils is by ingesting the oil and is only done using the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils that have been approved to be taken orally and even then only the tiniest amount of oils is used. Ailments such as indigestion can be treated with this method.

Applying Essential oils Directly To The Skin

A selection of essential oils can be applied directly to the affected area and are always diluted well with carrier oils or water. This method can be used for skin disorders and as oils can be so potent usually one drop is all that is needed.

Always do a patch test to find out if you are allergic to a essential oil by mixing a drop of the oil with a drop of carrier oil such as vegetable oil.

Apply to an inconspicuous area such as under your arm then cover it with a bandage and leave for about twenty four hours. If you see or feel no reaction you should be fine to use the essential oil on your skin.


using essential oils

Essential Oils Compress

Another topical way to use your essential oils is to make a compress to put on an affected area.

This is done by placing one to two drops of the essential oils on the affected area and then covering them with a hot, moist towel and then a dry towel.

Covering the oils with the towels increases the intensity of the vapors.

No matter which you use you will find that essential oils are very helpful for a variety of ailments and complaints. Of course, you still need to know exactly which oils to use for what need . Once you know that, you can use the many methods of applying essential oils.



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Using Essential Oils

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