Using Aphrodisiac Cosmetics

Using aphrodisiac cosmetics is easy as they now exist in many forms from certain foods to potions and toiletries. There is an increasing production of the latter, but although they are widely advertised, especially on the internet many people are reluctant in purchasing them.

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Using Aphrodisiac Cosmetics

After all, many can't help but wonder about cosmetics that attract the opposite sex: do they actually work? When it comes to aphrodisiac cosmetics, it is said that two major compounds can do wonders in increasing one's sex-appeal. 

There are specific plants and herbs on one hand, and pheromones on the other hand. These ingredients are embedded into intriguing cosmetics that attract the opposite sex, or at least the producing companies say they do. 

Cosmetics with Herbal-Based
Aphrodisiac Properties

The use of plants and herbs with the purpose of attracting the opposite sex has been going on for ages, and nowadays, these are part of a cocktail of ingredients contained in certain cosmetics. But why them? 

 Using Aphrodisiac Cosmetics That Attract the Opposite Sex,  Are they Any Good?

People are permanently looking for new ways of becoming more attractive in the eyes of the beholder, and they are also interested in improving their sexual experiences by enhancing their desire. 

So they had come up with using aphrodisiac cosmetics that attract the opposite sex. These cosmetics may take the form of perfumes, body lotions, oil massages and even makeup products, and they all contain plant extract formulations based on certain species of plants that are known to arouse the senses and generate aphrodisiac qualities.

Examples of stimulating plants include hot pepper and saffron. Belonging to this category of cosmetics, there are also products whose fragrances stimulate the senses or whose properties enrich the sexual appeal of women. 

Examples of the latter are fragranced lipsticks that contain a special mix of plant extracts such as muira puama and damiana that play as lip volumizing agents, giving women fuller and more attractive lips.

Pheromone-Containing Cosmetics

Other cosmetics that make women more appealing in the eyes of men contain pheromones. What are pheromones? These are substances secreted by the fertile body, and are meant to attract the opposite sex. 

Some people believe blindly in the power of pheromone-rich cosmetics, yet these can only enhance one's natural appeal, contrary to the intriguing advertisements that make unrealistic claims. 

The cosmetics that attract the opposite sex and that contain pheromones base their functionality on people's sense of smell. The latter is directly connected with the amygdala, a portion from the brain that deals with behaviors dictated by emotions. 

Unfortunately, no one really knows if the cosmetics that attract the opposite sex are actually effective because the clinical studies performed on humans are simply too few to generate conclusive results. In addition, some people reported beneficial effects from using these cosmetics, yet others didn't respond to them at all.

It seems that scientists cannot agree how efficient these cosmetics are, or to what extent, yet if they're not really expensive, there is no reason to refrain yourself from buying an aphrodisiac lipstick for example. 

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