Using Acne Cleansers

Using acne cleansers can help you control acne and help to prevent outbreaks.


Controlling Your Acne with Acne Cleansers

Before you can even broach the subject of acne control, it makes sense to understand why you would get acne in the first place. There is oil called sebum that is naturally present in your skin.

It is secreted from hair follicles and this oil is used to protect the skin as well as lubricating it. Occasionally, these glands that produce the oil actually secrete too much and it gets stuck within the hair follicle causing pimples – white or black heads and thus acne is formed.

Using Acne Cleansers

Using acne cleansers that are designed for acne control can work when and if they are used properly.  You will want to look for a product that removes not only make up and oil from the skin but also dirt and other problematic things such as debris from day to day life.  Before using any skin product, make sure that you clean the skin properly and the mildest that you can find, the better!

There are a number of anti-acne products that you can use.  PhytoMe gentle cleansing gel is an herbal product that is meant to remove impurities from the skin.  The same applies to the Clarins one-step facial cleanser which contains orange extract to clean the skin.  St. Ives facial foaming cleanser is another acne control treatment that has been said to have good results which you can also try.

Acne Control

There have been studies to show that a diet that is high in certain things can actually help with acne control. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds can all help to keep the pimples under control as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins and bacteria and also to hydrate the skin cells to ensure that clogged pores and hair follicles do not occur.

Skin Products

There are certain skin products that will not be good for acne control because the ingredients can actually aggravate the skin and the pores. Make up can actually make acne worse and if you have acne but want to keep it under control, you should ideally look for products that are non-comedogenic.

You should wash your face daily with a product that is mild on the skin or sulfur soap and avoid rubbing the skin with a towel in order to dry it which can aggravate pores; instead you should pat dry as lightly as you can. Products that contain oil should be avoided as this just adds to the already increasing oil build up on the face and make sure that you protect the skin from the elements with a good sun cream with a high enough SPF factor for your skin type.

A Few Guidelines for Acne Control

Avoid popping your pimples. This act not only leaves scars but can spread bacteria around from the original pimple, to your fingers and then on to other areas of your face and body making the problem spread. Stress is another thing that has been linked to acne issues so as best as you can, try to keep your stress levels down. Admittedly sometimes this is easier said than done but there have been reports that lowered stress levels leads to better acne management.

If you start using acne cleansers and acne control products specifically designed to maintain the problem, give them time to work before you give up hope. Sometimes the products themselves can take a few weeks to start working and the last thing you would want to do is to lose out on a good acne control method because you are too impatient to give it time to actually work.

Avoid greasy areas such as fast food restaurants as much as you can as the added oil or grease on your face can cause acne to flare up once again and avoid wearing hats or baseball caps which can add sweat to the problem!

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Updated February 28, 2012

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