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Updo Bob Hairstyle Create An Updo Hairstyle From Your Chin Length Bob

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There are many different events where an updo would be the perfect hairstyle choice. Do not let the length of your locks stop you from attempting a fabulous updo hairstyle. In fact, one of the hottest hairstyle trends at the moment is to shape your Bobbed locks into an updo.

A chin length Bob such as the one worn by Farah Fath is the perfect example of how to sculpt short hair into a chic updo. For the Daytime Emmy Awards, Farah’s hair was a combination of straight, loose, messy and with a dash of height thrown in for excitement.

Although an updo Bob hairstyle like Farah’s is best suited for women with round, heart or triangular face shapes, with some slight adjustments, it can be worn by virtually anyone. The same can be said for the texture of the tresses.

Farah Fath’s locks are fine to medium but if you have thick hair, making use of some good hair products will ensure you can shape your own updo Bob hairstyle The next time you’re looking for a thrilling new way to wear your hair, try this simple to achieve updo Bob hairstyle at home.


DIY Easy Style Steps

farah fath chin length bob hairstyleWork a golf ball size of mousse evenly through freshly washed, towel dried hair.

Use a medium sized round brush while blow drying your hair in small sections. This will smooth out any waves or curls that your locks might contain. Begin by blowing your hair straight back, away from your face.

Bend your head forward and put your brush about an inch beneath the roots of your hair and hold tight while pointing the dryer above the brush and then move on to the ends of your locks.

Repeat the exact same process when it comes to the sides of your hair as you want them fairly straight when you are finished.

Take small sections of hair in your hands from the mid section of your hair.

Make sure these sections are about the size of your comb. Hold the comb at the roots of your hair and then begin coming up and down until your hair is standing alone



farah faith bob updo hairstyleWork towards the crown and finish when you have reached the sides. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have achieved the desired amount of volume.

For the best results possible, try teasing your hair on the top and sides and then smooth these two layers before you pin them back.

Secure one section of your hair from the side to the back of your head with a pin and then repeat the process with the other side of your hair. This creates a half up, half down look which is the feature of your updo Bob hairstyle.

Holding the product approximately an arms length away, generously mist your updo Bob hairstyle with Lacquer for a sturdy, strong, long lasting hold.

Creating your own Updo Bob hairstyle really is that simple. In very little time, you will have a hairstyle that is just as lovely as Farah Fath’s. Enjoy your next special occasion by celebrating a new look for your locks.



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