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"Your night routine is far more apt to go well and end in a restful sleep if you are feeling calm, relaxed and unwound"


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Approximately an hour before you wish to go to bed you should limit the amount of external stimulation that your body and mind are exposed to and start unwinding for sleep. Stimulation causes your body and mind to stay alert and makes it very hard for you to unwind for sleep.

Avoid Stimulants At Bedtime Television ~ Television is one element that can stimulate your mind in a negative way before bed. If you do not wish to eliminate your television viewing before you sleep, you could at the least opt to watch something that is more calming rather than full of action. However, do not watch television in your bedroom.

A mind stimulating activity like this should always take place somewhere away from where you sleep. It is important that your mind and body associate your room as a place of rest, not action.

Avoid Stimulants At Bedtime Exercise ~

Exercise should not take place at least two to three hours before bed. Exercise is meant to increase your blood flow and heart rate, which causes your body and mind to remain in an alert mode.

This is exactly what you do not want to happen near your bedtime. Exercise should be partaken of, as early in the day as possible to provide you with much needed energy to get through your day.

If you have gone out during the evening try not to attempt sleeping as soon as you get home. Your mind will still be very active from any activity you have taken part in and will not easily be able to settle down and start unwinding for sleep.

If you are normally very active later in the evening, you might want to consider adjusting the time you come back home.

You want to make sure that you are home, able to complete your night routine, and unwind for sleep in a sufficient enough amount of time to allow you a proper rest.

If reading makes you feel tired, you can definitely include it as a part of your nighttime routine. However, you should not read items that are too thought provoking, such as work-related material or textbooks.

Make sure that when you do fall asleep at night that your bedroom light is off. If you fall asleep with a light on, you are very apt to wake up during the night to turn it off.

Even something small like this can ruin efforts you have worked towards with your night sleep routine.

As you develop and stick to a sleep routine, you will find yourself able to relax easier and faster.

This will aid you greatly in your quest at becoming successful at unwinding for sleep, fall asleep faster, and fall asleep naturally.
Unwinding For Sleep

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