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Undercut Hairstyles You Should Try

You will love this collection of undercut hairstyles!

A Fantastic Way To Add A Little Edge To Your Style

If you've been sporting the same look since the first season of "The Bachelor" and are in desperate need of a change more radical than your typical salon fare, an undercut hairstyle is a fantastic way to add a little edge to your 'do.

The undercut style is a bold cut, perfectly mixing fierceness and vulnerability in one sexy, funky finish that'll draw attention to beautiful eyes and flatter virtually any face shape.

An undercut is achieved by sectioning off the top layer of hair, or Mohawk area, and then shaving a portion, usually on one or both sides, while leaving the rest longer.

Braver gals will shave the entire side, possibly the whole underneath, while the more timid fashionistas can undercut a smaller section, or even a bit at the nape of the neck for a peek-a-boo look. The look can be sported with piecey side-swept bangs or without.

This is a strong, warrior-like look that's borrowed a bit from the punk rockers of the 70's and 80's, and the likes of David Bowie and even a "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"-era Cyndi Lauper sported a very colorful version.

The modern equivalent is much more chic and wearable, and has been seen on ultra hip style setters like Ke$ha, Rihanna, celebrity chef Nadia G, and Hayley Williams of Paramore.

A slightly tamer alternative that sacrifices none of the cool factor is to not altogether shave each section, but to cut it very close to the scalp – think the length of a pixie cut.

Works For Any Length Any Texture

This cut works on hair of virtually any length and texture, and doesn't need excessive styling to pull off. It will lighten the look of very thick hair and pump up the volume on finer locks.

Short styles with choppy layers can be spiked up punky and cute, whereas a more classic cut like a bob will maintain flirty femininity.

Long hair can be worn curly or smoothed with a flat iron for super contrast and high drama. Hair can be worn up to showcase your rock n' roll 'do, or down for a more conservative look suitable for dinner with the parents.

Adding Color

Increase the versatility by punching up the look with strategic, crayola-inspired color or sport the color your were born with.

Be bold with streaks dropped in around the buzzed section, or get even more creative by dyeing patterns like leopard print into the undercut section, or shaving shapes and stripes into the sides.

A major source of concern is how to grow out such an extreme look, but have no fear! You needn't cut all your hair short when you decide to change your style.

Extensions can be clipped in to fake the length, or you can try fingerwaving and pincurling the shorter sections as they grow out for an ultra feminine coif. The best thing about hair is that it'll always grow, and can always be changed, so be brave, experiment, and, above all, have fun with your style!

Enjoy, an undercut hairstyle...

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